I used to read other blogs all these days and always was thinking to start my own blog. But I was feeling very uncomfortable as most of the bloggers were very fluent in English and they had put good English in their blogs.. Its not like I don’t know English, but I am not confident on my English. So all these days, I used to think about that, but at the end, I was dropping that idea.

But finally I thought why not start a blog.. Let people think whatever they want.. Its my blog, its my thinking and its my feelings, which I put into this blog.. Its nothing to do with them.. I should feel happy when I read this blog after ten years.. I should be able to remember all the events upon reading this. People never join me till end and only these incidents, feelings, which come with me till my death. So then, I started a blog

So here is the blog in which I am planning to put all my thoughts, feelings, some memorable incidents of my life, some unforgettable people.. etc.. Lets see how far will I continue with this blog. Lets hope for the best.

I have decided to start a blog, but what shall I give the name for the blog.. I scratched my head whole night for this. Could not get any name for this. I involved my husband also in this, as he is good in giving suggestions and ideas. God knows, how he comes out with so many ideas, which might have not come to anyone.. I have told him to jot down all the ideas whatever he gets in a book, who knows, this ideas may earn good money for us. I still don’t know whether he has taken this seriously or not.

As stated above, my husband gave me so many names of the blog, I infact got confused, which one to take. All the names were interesting. After much thought, finally I have named my blog as “NEVER ENDING MEMORIES”. It is full of my memories from my childhood to the present, good and sad memories, some funny memories, which make me laugh when I remember them, etc. Hopefully this memory lasts forever and would be able to continue this blog as far as I can able to do.

Anyway, All the best for me… 🙂

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3 Responses to MY BLOG

  1. lyfimmature says:

    hey u’ve written gud.yes buddy u right a blog is a place where we can write about anything and everything.all the best,pen down ur memories don’t hesitate. and as far as english is concerned that’s a sidey thing.keep smilinglive because love is still alive

  2. Swaram says:

    And I am so glad u started writing :)Lovely name too and nice to read the beginning of ur journey :)All the best 🙂

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