My Cutest Husband – Part 1

Now I am set for blogging, I thought of putting my first post. My first post should be special for me. There will be nothing special post than my Husband in this world. So thought of writing my first post on him. Here I am putting some of my thoughts, feelings, his nature, etc., about him.

What all can I say about my husband. He is too good looking, smart, intelligent on one side and very caring and lovable husband for me on other side. I don’t know how much to thank god for giving such lovable husband for me. The way he cares about me, I think no one in this world has not done to me. I know people might be wondering how can I say that as the caring we get from our parents cannot be compared to anyone. But I am not so lucky to get the care and love of my parents. However, I am going to write about that in another post. He takes care of each and everything about me. He feel sad when I fall sick.

In other hand, he is too intelligent. Just ask him to give you one idea on any subject, he will give n number of ideas. Also, he is very good in giving suggestions rather he can brain wash the person. If anyone, wants to brainwash on any thing, just contact him, he will definitely help you on this thing. He is very joyful person. No one will ever get bored about him, all my friends are fond of him. I think my friends listen to him, than myself. They follow each and everything he tells to them. One instance I can remember, I want to share here. This happened around 4-5 years back. One of my friends was always used to waste food. Wherever she goes, she used to leave food. Once, we went to hotel and she was also there. At the end of our lunch, my husband saw her wasting the food. He gave her one big speech on why not to waste food, as there are so many people who are not getting food and all. This happened around 4-5 years back, but till now, my friend is following his words and she always ensures that she don’t waste the food. Seriously I like the way he treats my friend as his friends and the way he cares for them.

I sometime wonder why he chose me as his life partner. He is so intelligent, smart, and handsome; he could have got a girl better than me in looks, nature and financially sound family. What we spent was just a tiny moment. However, I am really very thankful to god for giving me such lovable life partner.

I am just giving a small glimpse on how we met and how we became a life partner.

His sister and myself were classmate in my graduation. I did my graduation in correspondence, from Karnataka State Open University. We were having weekend classes for the course. Since, we both had not completed PUC, we were suppose to complete an exam called BPP (no idea, what is the full form of this). On the BPP exam, my friend, i.e., his sister came with him on the bike and on the first sight itself I was clean bold. I just liked him.. He was too good. He was wearing white shirt with brown pant, neatly shaved, with helmet in one hand and some bag in other. My friend introduced her brother to me that day. This is how we met for the first time. I was damn sure that he will not like me or would like to have friendship with me, as I was very traditionally dressed up, with oily hair and all. But I was wrong, as later on we were in touch on phone and then we started meeting each other and finally we were in love with each other. We were very eager to meet each other. I remember what all things he did for me. He went to police station because of me and had a big fight with goondas (I know, this sounds very filmy, but really it happened). I was in search of a job and he was taking me to all the places in Bangalore, just a call and he was there at my doorstep. I think after he came into my life, I could see the happiness in my life. I was praying to the god that this happiness should last long. But I think god has got other idea.

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2 Responses to My Cutest Husband – Part 1

  1. Swaram says:

    Oh dear .. just reading u makes me feel u r so honest and down to earth. U r also so liberal when it comes to appreciation .. ofcourse, u deserve a loving husband and much more :)And am so glad u hv got him to fil in for all that u missed 🙂 God bless u both dear!

  2. Thank you..Thank you.. Thank you..Swar.

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