My Cutest Husband – Part 2

He had a quarrel at home (once again because of me) and came out of the house and was staying in a PG. Then he decided that he should shift from bangalore otherwise, career-wise, he will not grow. So he got a transfer from Bangalore to Nashik. I just could not digest that he is shifting to Nashik, I don’t know how much I have cried for that. However, I was happy that his career is growing. So I just happily sent him to nashik. But there also I was wrong. Some misunderstanding (which I don’t want to mention here) departed us. So once again I was left alone. Sometimes, I felt like dying, but something used to stop me. In one corner of my mind, was telling that he will come back and I will have all the happiness in life. After waiting for around 4 years, he was back in my life. I just can’t express how much I was happy upon seeing him. I was just flying. Then he promised me not to be away anymore and finally we decided to get married. He convinced my parents and relatives and we had a simple marriage in temple and a reception in the hotel. Now its two years, we are happily married (touch wood). I just pray to the god that this happiness should remain forever.

Apart from good looking, handsome, he is very intelligent too. I always tell him that he is supposed to be somewhere, but wrongly ended up here. The way he tackles the problem in the PC, I always wonder about that and mention that he should have been in a software company. But poor fellow, because of someone’s mistake, he is paying for it and he has landed here.
Anyway, he has no regrets for that. He always thinks positively even in the bad situation. He is always confident in whatever he does. One more thing, I forgot to mention was he does not complaint about anything. I am a very bad cook, but he has not complained about my cooking anytime. He infact enjoys my food. Seriously, I think this positive thinking as well as not complaining about anything, will take me long way. All the best sweetheart!!

Anyway, too much of positive things about him. Let us come to negative part of him. He is a bit of short tempered, especially when he is on road. He keeps yelling on others, when the biker or car goes on the wrong side. He says that is the way he gets out of his frustration. Another complaint is nowadays he has become very serious about his career and hence, he is not keep in touch with his friends and family.

Whatever it is, he is the best person in this world and he is the world for me. I just want to say once again, I am very lucky to have such wonderful person in my life. Love you.. Darling..

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2 Responses to My Cutest Husband – Part 2

  1. lyfimmature says:

    hmmmmm……..nice love story……its good to see atleast love is still there in this world

  2. Swaram says:

    Aww this is so touching and I am honestly happy for u. God bless u both! Hs he read these posts?

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