My College Days – RVTI

The word college itself feels so much happiness in one’s life. I think each and every person in this world would have got a very fond memory of their college days. Each and every thing we do in the college is a great memory. College is a place where we enjoy our life. Got to know about some friends, later on who will become our best friends.

I think I was not so lucky to have all those memories has I didn’t attended my college due to some financial problem at home. I did my graduation through correspondence course. But I don’t have regrets for this, as I was lucky to meet my husband through this correspondence course and ofcourse some best friends.

Now I am going to mention about my vocational course experience which I did in one of the Central Government based Institute, called Regional Vocational Training Institute. I attended the course immediately upon completing my 10th Standard. So I can say, this Vocational Institute was my first college experience.

Regional Vocational Training Institute for Women was set up in 1977 in the prime location of Bangalore. As the name itself says, this institute is only for women students. In this institute, there were various vocational courses, starting from 6 month course to 2 year course. The courses include, Secretarial Practice, Instrument Mechanic, Dress Making, Computer Operator, Architectural Draughtsmanship, Desk Top Publishing, Etc.

As I told you before, my parents were not able to afford my education and I was confused about what to do next after 10th Standard. One of my uncles was very kind enough to introduce me to this course of Secretarial Practice, which is for two years and told me that you have got a very bright future in this course. He himself paid my course fee and even dropped me to the college on my first day on his bike.

The college started on Monday, but I joined the college on Wednesday, two days late to college. By the time I joined the college, everyone had made their own group. I was seriously very tensed, I just don’t know why?. But the moment I attended the class, I felt relaxed.

I think around 60 students were there in the class (I think later on reduced to 40, as few got married or were not interested in the course or some personal reasons, etc). Each were unique in their own way. Few had completed their graduation, some of them had joined after +2 and few were from my category i..e, completed 10th Standard and ofcourse some had joined just for time pass. I basically had joined because I just want to earn money as soon as possible so that I can take care of my family and also I can pursue my education further. This was the only aim for me, when I entered RVTI. I am glad that it helped a lot in achieving my goal. Whatever, I am now, it is just because of that course and all the credits should go to my Uncle. Thank you so much Uncle!!. You deserve more than this!!

As the days passed, I became used to the college. Had a group of friends, where we used to have lots of fun. Along with this fun, there was a pain of writing so many bundles of assignments. Sometimes, I don’t know how much I have cursed my lecturers. However, later on I felt, all those pains was worth.

There are so many incidents in this institute which makes me laugh even today.. Those were a golden days for me. I think I enjoyed a lot. One of the best thing of that Institute was I got really best friends of my life, who is in touch with me even today and are ready to do anything for me. I just want to thank all those friends for being with me in my hardest days of my life and still continues with me as the shadow of my life. Thanks buddy for everything.

I will share all those funny incidents of my college days, in my next post, as I am totally lost in the thoughts of my Institute!!
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