This morning I was just preparing my breakfast and all of a sudden I remembered my school days (till 7th Standard). I think this is the first time after around 15 years; I am missing my school very much. I remembered all my friends and missed them like hell. Friends especially one particular friend called Gayatri. She was my best friend in my school days. I just don’t know how did I lost contact with her and I am missing her like anything..

I did my schooling till 7th Standard in Canara English School, Kurubarahalli. Bangalore. The school was not so famous, but was very much liked by the poor family like me, because the fees were very economical. But I can say that was the best school for me, as I enjoyed my schooling very much. I had enough friends to have fun. My friends list includes, Gayatri, Manjula, Nirmala, Umashankar, Subramani, Ravi, etc (the main fact is, I don’t remember other friends name).

Among these friends, I and Gayatri were best buddies. We used to be together always. She was taking care of my so well, I just cant forget that. I don’t know how to get her contact once again. I searched orkut, but could not get anything. Just tried other friends also, but nothing was available. I just badly want to talk to my school friends. But how is the big question.

Gayatri, I just want to say that I am missing you so much. But I am sure I will definitely get in touch with you soon.

I remember lots of incidents which happened during my school days. We always had a group of friends and would have lunch all together. That time, I was very much particular about vegetarian food, as my parents had told me that I am not supposed to touch or see the non-veg food. Gayatri would always ensure that I follow that, even though she was a non-vegetarian. During our lunch time, she used to taste everyone’s food and then she was giving me green signal to have their food i.e., it is pure vegetarian. I remember one incident, which I would like to share here.

Once, one of our friend (I don’t recollect her name) who was a muslim had got non-veg food, which herself had not known about this. Gayatri had just gone to wash her hands. That girl just served one spoon of her food in my plate and I was about to taste that food. I don’t know where this Gayatri was, suddenly came and just stopped me and told me not to have that food as she smells non-veg in that. Then she tasted the same and she was correct. I don’t know how much I thanked her for that. Anyway, now I am not bothered about all those veg, non-veg fundas.

There are some more incidents, which I am going to share in the next post, as I feel I have written enough for the day.

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