As I told you before, I thought of sharing some of college incidents, which I always cherish in my life.

SSS – great students of RVTI !!

Whenever I think about these three girls, I wonder, how they could pass out the exams and come out of RVTI, so easily. Because, they were never regular to the class. At that age, I was very much scared to bunk the class. But these girls were so brave and bold they were always missing the classes. They were very famous in the college for bunking. I used to meet them daily morning around 7.30 – 7.45 AM. They were waiting for their group to join. They would ask me to leave to college. But sometimes they never turned up to college. I always wonder where these girls would have gone. I don’t know where they get the plan of going to movies, or some other places, and immediately they were leaving to that place, without a second thought.

They were always seated in the last bench and they used to chit chat during the classes. I think they have got firings from the lecturer, n number of times, but they never cared about that.

One incident I can remember here is once we were in typing class. Everyone was busy in practicing typing on the typewriter. Our college timings were 9 to 5 and typing class would be from 3 – 5. It was around 4.30; some girls stopped typing and was chit chatting with their friends. Some studious students like me, were still practicing. At that time, one of the “S” opened her bag and took out her make up kit and started to get ready. She was in the mid of her makeup and suddenly one lecturer, who is in charge of all the machineries in RVTI and also who is responsible for typing class entered the class. He just saw her and he was very much angry. He just shouted and told her that “this is not a green room S, this is a class and you have come to practice here. Don’t every commit this mistake” and he left the class. Everyone was just staring at S and she was not at all bothered about that. She just continued the same and finished her make up and left the class with her troop.

One more incident I would like to share here, which happened with me and which I can never forget in my life time.

As I said in my earlier post of school days, I was very much particular about veg food and I don’t have even egg, because, my parents had told me that egg is also a non-veg food. But once, when we were having our lunch, these 3 S and one more girl (I don’t recollect her name) forced me to have egg with bread. I just don’t know how much I cried in front of them. Then they apologized for what they did to me and assured me that this action will never be repeated.

But whatever they are, they were very sweetest. They were very friendly with everyone and liked by everyone. I am happy that I am still in touch with them. In 3 S, one is a house wife, with two kids and other two are working women in a renowned MNC and settled in life.

Hey gals, I am sorry if I have ever embarrassed or hurted you, through this post. Just wanted to keep these incidents as a memory. Hope you will take these things in spirit.
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