From morning there is only one question in my mind.. Why have I become like this!!!

I have been becoming too lazy nowadays. I have observed this, but I am not able to do anything about that. I don’t why?

I can’t get up early in the morning to do some exercise, as I have put on lots of weight after marriage. I can’t keep my house clean as my kitchen will be messed up in the morning and I will be so lazy in the evening that I don’t feel like cleaning it. My clothes are spread everywhere, but no mood to clear it. My fridge is a mess, no idea of cleaning it. My hand bag is full of unwanted items, but not interested to clear it. So what’s wrong with me? Why have I become like this? What made me to become like this? I am still searching answer for these questions.

I was so active in Bangalore I mean before marriage. I would get up at 5, get fresh up, go to yoga class and do exercise for one hr. Come back home and do all the household work. Then leave to office. Evening back to household work and by ten on the bed. So what made me to change like this?

I am trying to analyze what’s happening with me?

What I feel was, before marriage, I was staying with my aunt and may be because of her fear or her strict in everything, I was doing all these things and I was very discipline. But I always wished to be independent, sleep till how much ever time I want, do whatever I want, eat anything, etc. I think this dream came true after marriage, as I became independent to do anything. Now, I am independent and it’s my house. It’s my wish to do whatever I want and I can do the work whenever I want it to be done. Anyway, maid is there to do the work, who comes on Saturday and Sunday. It’s her job to do that.

But on the other side, may be this has made be too lazy to do anything, which is actually very bad on my part. One more thing, what I have observed is, whenever my family members or my hubby’s family members visit our house, I will be very disciple and do so much of cleaning and all other household work. So this shows that there is no elder person at home, to guide me what to do and what not to do.

I want to be fit and want to have a perfect figure as I had before marriage. Also, I want to keep my house clean and neat that whoever see, they should be surprised. But my mind wants all these things, but my body is not supporting. So to achieve whatever I have mentioned above, first I have to reduce weight and start exercising. Then my body will become flexible and also give energy to do all other things. Except exercise, I have been doing lots of things to reduce weight. I have started eating fruits in the breakfast and also reduced the intake of rice. I have started using stairs instead of lift. But still I am the same. So where is it going wrong? Is it that the diet what I am following is wrong somewhere or is there something else which is causing me to put on weight?

I think to reduce weight; there is only one solution exercise. I have decided to do exercise atleast thrice a week. But still I am not sure how far I will follow that. Exercise is the only thing, which will help me in getting rid of my laziness and help me to be active.

Anyway, all the best for me and please god, you have to help me in this and I am confident that you will definitely do
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One Response to LAZINESS & ME !!

  1. Swaram says:

    I luv ur honest and straight-fwd way of posting seriously! And ur introspection is totally rt .. I think u do want to hv ur freedom and relaxed way of life. Hugs girl, take it easy and am sure u will get bk ur groove soon 🙂

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