RVTI – Some more Moments !!!

When we were studying at RVTI, the college was small. But they had started constructing a new college which had very spacious class room and all other facilities. But we were unlucky that by the time we completed our course, the building was still under construction.

The old building, which we spent our college days, did not had much facilities. Classes were small and typewriters were very old. Bathrooms were pathetic. But still we loved that college and had lots of fun.

One more problem is, there was water scarcity. There was no drinking water provided in the college. There was one tap which was outside the building (but inside the campus), which is designated for providing drinking water. But most of the time, we could not see a single drop from that tap. If anyone by chance gets one bottle of water into the class, all of us would just jump on that person, grab the bottle and finish it off. Therefore, sometimes, students used to hide their water bottle in their dupatta and enter into the class. But it was always fun to grab the bottle from the person, because it was like a competition for all of us, who gets the water, is the winner.

Also, there was no canteen in the campus. Sometimes, we used to order the food from the KIDWAI hospital canteen. Anyway, I usually used to get bread and jam in my box and rarely did I use to order as I always was short of money. I don’t remember the taste of the food, but we didn’t have any alternate arrangement for the food.

I visited our college with one of my friend around 3-4 years back. It was just a regular visit to the college as we thought of meeting our lecturers. The building which was under construction is now occupied by the students and is too good. The classes are very spacious and they have got a common hall for arranging all the curricular activities. Bathrooms are also too good and very clean and tidy. Canteen has been started there and the food was good. Also, the building which we studied is now Hostel for the students.

One thing was sure, I felt very jealous when I visited the building. It had so many facilities, which we were dreaming of using. Anyway, I am happy that being a Central Government Institute, it has come up so well, as most of the Government offices or institutes is very bad in shape and the facilities are also not at par to the standards.

One more complaint which we had that time was, there was no cultural activities or outdoor activities like picnic, etc. We always wanted that, but there was no one who can organize it. But the next batch of our institute was very lucky to have the new building as well as the cultural activities, which came into force.

Its around 4 years now, I have not visited our college and no contacts with my lecturers. I don’t know how the college and lecturers is now. Hopefully, my college is doing really great and so lecturers.
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