Dreams !!

I have been getting bad rather weird dreams from past 3-4 days. I don’t know why? I have just listed down the dreams which I remember:-
  1. I got a dream wherein, there were three strangers, whom I have not met anytime in my life time. Among them, two were gents and one was an old lady and in those two gents, one was an old person and another was young person. The old uncle and aunty were staying in two different rooms and I was sitting with the old aunty. The young person was outside the room and he was trying to put evil spirit on these two people. As he was trying for that, his face started to change to ugly and the same was happening with the uncle and aunty. Aunty was horrible. She was looking very ugly and was very scary. She was trying to control that evil spirit, but she could not control. Hence, she started pressing my hand too hard and in that blood spilled out from my hand and I was trying to scream, but was not able to do. Finally I just screamed and got up. It was 4.45AM in the morning and I was totally shivering. My husband was trying to control my fear and finally I cooled down, but that fear is still there in my mind. I don’t know why this type of dream has come to me, as I don’t believe in ghost or evil spirit. I know dreams are unknown and we can’t control the dreams. Anyway, I am still scared and my heartbeats go up, whenever I remember this.
  2. Another dream wherein, I and my hubby were staying in some apartment and there were some group of bad boys. Those boys were trying to flirt with me and were passing some bad comments. On seeing this, my husband got angry and started fighting with them (I know this looks too filmy, but seriously I got this dream) and I was trying my husband not to quarrel with those people as they are from bad background and they may create some problem in future. I just got up after this. I don’t know what the time was.
  3. Another dream wherein, two strangers, I and my hubby were having lunch at some apartment, which has a big balcony. After lunch, my husband went out and I was inside. All of a sudden, these two strangers were quarrelling seriously, outside. One person was so angry, he was trying to kill the other person. I was just watching this in the corner and got scared and immediately I switched on the fm radio and pretended of listening to songs, so that the person will not get any doubt on me. I got up after this.

I just remember only these three weird dreams and don’t know why all these type of dreams are coming to me? Is something wrong with me? Its just happening with me from past 3-4 days. One thing is common in all these; I have been seeing only strangers whom I have never met in my life. I am really scared and I tried to find out the reason from the net, but was not successful in this. If anyone has got any idea, of why these types of dreams are appearing to me, please let me know, as it definitely solves the problem.

Anyway, I have decided not to scratch too much on this topic and be cool. I don’t know how far I will be successful, as my heartbeat is uncontrollable while writing this post.

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3 Responses to Dreams !!

  1. Hi,first timer here.I am not a Dream reader, but something tells me that there is a deep insecurity built up,either some incidence which happened recently or something which happened long time back..either way best way is to divert your mind to happier things in life. Maybe yoga & Pranayama helps you & in getting a good sleep !TCCU

  2. Compassion Unlimited:- Thanks for your comment.. From past two days, i am feeling better and also had a good sleep. Hopefully it continues further

  3. Swaram says:

    Oh this does happen sometimes … I get weird dreams too @ times .. I just sleep with a photo of any form of God u believe in @ those times 😀

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