We have been searching for a house on rent from past 20 days. It’s becoming difficult to manage in the present house, as we are spending around 6 hrs in travelling. So we decided to look out for a new house. Looking out for a new house itself feels very sad feeling in me, as I liked my present house very much. It’s around 850 sq.ft house and has 2 bedroom, hall, 2 bathroom, kitchen. It has got marble flooring and two bathrooms have got tiles. At first glance itself, I liked this house very much. The surrounding is very calm and peaceful. We are staying here, from past around 2 years now (I am staying from past one and half years). More than the house, we are very much bonded with our land lord and his family. We are paying Rs.7500/- as rent and Rs.50,000/- as deposit.

Since, we are already spending around 10K (including rent, toll and extra petrol charges other than the conveyance my husband get from the company), we thought of taking 2 bhk for maximum of Rs.11K, in and around Ghatkopar, Mumbai. We were in the impression that since the global market is down and all the prices have come down and hence, the rent also might have come down. But we were wrong. When we started looking for the house for 2 bhk, minimum rent we could get was Rs.20K, which is seriously on a very higher side, atleast for us. Ofcourse, we got houses for around 15k, but it was too bad and the area was pathetic.

We didn’t have any option but to increase our budget to around 13K. We were able to get very good houses at Bhandup, but it was not serving our purpose of changing the house, as there was a hell of traffic. So we dropped Bhandup area and were still looking out in and around Ghatkopar. We checked in Chembur, but the area where we saw the house was not at all good. Mainly we were looking for a safer and decent place, as most of the time, I will be staying alone and have to travel alone to the office, as my husband travels out of station frequently for business purpose. Some houses were really good, but the area was too bad and some houses were really bad, but the area was too good. But the rent for these houses were 15k and above.

We were very much confused about taking 2bhk or 1bhk as the rent was too high. We were basically looking for 2bhk because, we will be having frequent visitors who visit from Bangalore, Pune, etc and stay for sometime with us. So it would be better to have 2bhk. But looking at the rent of the house, we were really very upset and confused.

Finally, we increased our budget to 15K and still looking out for a house. Ofcourse, we have seen a house in Kanjurmarg, which is too goodd and it’s very much similar to our present house and also the complex has got all the amenities. But the land lord is asking for 18k as rent and we are stick to 15k and the agent has agreed to convince him to 16k, which means we have to increase 1k extra in our budget. That means we are going to spend extra 6k from the present expenditure. That also means that we will be not able to save much money to fulfill our dream of buying an own house, atleast for another 2 years. But as my husband’s favourite saying says “kuch paane keliye kuch khona padtha hai (we have to loose something to get something)”, we have to compromise on something.

But one thing I feel is Mumbai is becoming costlier day by day, but the salary of the individual is the same and I feel this year most of the people can’t expect a hike in their salary because of down in the global market.

However, hopefully, we will finalize with this house and I am sincerely praying to the god that the land lord agree for the rent of 15K. Anyway, hope for the best.

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