Phase of Jobless!!

I know everyone in this world would have passed the phase of searching rather hunting a job. Its seriously very tiring, frustrating and depressing job. Attending the interview, answering the same old questions and finally waiting for the result. The most frustrating part is the rejection for the job. Sometimes, some companies do not have courtesy to inform whether the candidates are selected or rejected and just keep it on hold and they never think about the candidates who will be eagerly waiting for the result. I just don’t understand what fun they get in keeping it on hold. Why don’t they be in the shoes of the candidate and think about them?

Anyway, job is very important thing in everyone’s life. Without a job, a person can never think of leading the life. I know how much it feels when a person is jobless. I have gone through this phase and that phase was horrible. Even when I think about that, I get scared and thank god for giving me ways to come out of that phase and getting a job.

I still remember that phase!!

I and my friend lost our job at the same time, as our Company went on loss and closed. It was shocking to see that both of us are jobless. But we were confident that since, we have got good experience, we will get a job, very easily. We started searching for the job.

Every morning we leave our house by 9AM and reach home by 8PM. My friend was very sweet that she carried a bottle of lemon juice and lunch box for both of us. We were carrying all these things, because we were running out of money because of no salary. We never thought in our life that we will be jobless and hence, there was no savings left, for us to spend money on food and travel. We had some list of consultants and their address and visited to them at their office. From there, they send us to some companies for the interview. In the afternoon, we sit at some park for having lunch. Everyone stared at us, as we just went to park to have lunch. Sometimes, we just walk down to the consultancy office, as we didn’t have money to spend on bus fare. One of our friends was working with a 5 star hotel. Whenever, we have interview nearby to her office, we go to her hotel, have a free lunch, take some printout of resumes and make some calls for the consultant, as everything was free there. We were feeling very awkward to do like this, but we were helpless. Every penny mattered to us. I think so many days, we didn’t have food. It was summer that time and we were roaming each and every corner of the city. Inspite of so many struggles, still we were jobless. We were just confused as why are we not getting job, inspite of having good experience. Till now, I am not able to get the answer for that.

We were ready to work for a call center in the night shift, but there also we were unlucky. Day-by-day, we were becoming depressed and just were desperate to get a job. We just prayed to different gods and also prayed to pay some bribe to him like will come and offer a pooja or put some money, etc.

Finally, God listened to our prayer and to our surprise, we both got job same day in difference MNC Companies. I just can’t imagine how much we have cried that day. Our struggle and hard work paid that day. That Day itself we made a promise that whatever the circumstances, we are not going to leave the job and become jobless. We just don’t want to suffer once again.

When we think about that incident, we now feel happy because that hard work and struggle is still paying us the salary, as that helped us to enter into a good MNC and still we are working in a MNC. As the proverb goes “whatever happens is for good”, after this phase, our career has grown up, very well. We are settled in good Company and getting handful of money. Touchwood!! But we never forget that incident, atleast once in a day, we discuss about that and we both thank god for helping us.

Even while writing this post, my eyes were filled with tears. I just pray to the god that this phase should not come to anyone in their life. But looking at the recession, I seriously pity the people, who has lost their job and just hope that they are somehow managing their lives and pray that they should get the job soon. All the best to everyone for their job.

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One Response to Phase of Jobless!!

  1. Swaram says:

    Oh! Its so nice of u to be thankful for all that u hv! U r a wonderful being 🙂

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