Bang ! Bang ! Bang !

As mentioned earlier, I had done my graduation through correspondence course. I did it through Karnataka State Open University. Since, it was correspondence course, weekend classes were arranged to enable to students to know the subject better. The lecturers were very good and taught fairly well. Infact lecturers had become close friends to us and were sharing everything with myself and my friend Triveni. We were enjoying those days like anything. We were just waiting to go to college. I had got lots of friends there. But unfortunately, I am in touch with only one friend. I am trying to dig my information to find out other friends, but god knows when I will be successful in contacting them.

Among the friends, we four were in the group. Myself, Triveni, Aruna, who was working in Malaysian Airlines and Keerthi. I wonder how Aruna, joined into our group, still I don’t have answer. Anyway, Aruna was not so regular to the classes, but when she comes, she used to join our group. She was good looking and had a good physique. One of our lecturer Ramesh was in love with her. I don’t know how it happened. Ramesh used to tell us that Aruna keeps on sending forwarding SMS, starting from morning messages to Good night message. He even showed to us, what all the messages she sent to him. So may be this made him to fall in love with her. I am not sure. But whenever, he met her, he was very happy. We could infact make it out from his face. But I was not sure whether Aruna was also had any feelings on him.

This incident, I can’t ever forget in my life. It was just embarrassed situation for me and Triveni

One day, in the lunch time, we four were just planning to go for lunch outside. Aruna was narrating how she lost her mobile and how she is missing touch with the people. Later on Ramesh came out and I just casually asked whether he would like to join us for the lunch. He immediately told yes and he called his other Collegue. I know he just agreed because Aruna was with us and he can atleast spend some time with her. Then Ramesh, myself were in the gate and other gals and another lecturer were in the other corner.

I just asked him “Sir, Aruna lost her mobile.. Why don’t you get her a mobile? You also might be missing her messages right” He told me laughing “I will be very happy if at all she accepts my gift, immediately I can get a mobile, because I am also missing her very much”. By that time, all these gals and other lecturer came. The hotel was 10 mins walk from the college. Ramesh and his collegue were in the front and we four gals were behind them just walking slowly.

Myself and Triveni speak a different Kannada Language wherein we add one letter “Pa” in between. So any Kannadiga hears this first time, he will be not able to understand this. We were sure that in our college no one knew about this language, because we always were talking in this language with so many students, but no one was able to understand this language. So in that way, we were confident. Triveni does not have patience. She asked in that language that what I was talking to Ramesh, in front of Aruna and Keerthi. Like a fool, I told her in that language what all conversation I had with Ramesh. Immediately Aruna started speaking in our language and she blasted us like anything !! Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! dishkayooo ! Aaaaaahhhhhh

Just imagine how our situation might be. She shouted on us and told that why he has to get me a mobile and who is he to do all these things? I didn’t thought that you people think so cheaply. I thought you people were my close friends, but you people hurted me and by telling this, she even didn’t had lunch and just left the college. In this incident, poor Ramesh also got hurted, because he was just planning to propose her after making good friendship with her, but unfortunately we spoiled everything. But one thing was sure that Aruna did not had any feelings on Ramesh. But who will make him understand. Poor Fellow, he didn’t had food and was very sad for many days.

Aruna did not attend the classes after that, and we saw her only during the exams. We tried to speak to her, but she was not ready for that and just gave an ugly stare on us. We understood that there is no point in discussing with her. We felt very sorry for both of them. In one way or the other, we hurted both of them.

Anyway, this happened around 5 years back. After some months of this incident, Ramesh had an arranged married and was happy. But I still don’t know where is Aruna, how is she and what is she doing? I tried to call her on her office number, but she just disconnected my call, once she heard my voice.

I just want to ask Sorry to both of them for hurting their feelings.

From that day onwards, we were very conscious in talking in that language. Ufff !!
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5 Responses to Bang ! Bang ! Bang !

  1. Swaram says:

    LOL … we used to talk in that Pa language too 😛 :PAnd even one kai language .. add kai @ the end of everything.My sis who ws very young then once got irritated and blurted out 'Bendekai Menasinakai and something like that :P'

  2. Chatterbox says:

    OMG I can imagine how embarrassed and guilty you girls must have felt about it all :cry
    It’ll be wonderful if you get to speak to Aruna & Ramesh someday and clear it all.

    • Kavya says:

      Now, I dont have any chance of meeting them.. I even dont know where are they and there is no way I could try to contact them..

      Thanks for visiting this old post 🙂

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