Childhood !!

Last evening I got down from my colleague’s car and was walking down to my house. Suddenly power went off. I just got scared so much that I was afraid to move further. I stood for 2 minutes. By god grace, the power came back, immediately. I just got relaxed.

But down the lane, I remembered my childhood. When I passed out 9th standard, next was 10th, which was very critical stage for everyone. Hence, my uncles forced me to join tuition, which was around 3-4 KM from my place. The tuition was from 6-8 in the morning.

The buses were from 7AM from my place and hence, I was not able to go in the bus. Hence, I used to leave my house at 5.15 in the morning and all alone I was walking down to the classes. Sometimes, there was no street light and sometimes, I used to meet some strangers, just talk to them and just walk with them till whatever the destination we reach. Never ever I neither was scared to go alone nor was I scared about the strangers, whom I used to meet. Luckily, all these people were too good, either they had come for a morning walk or they were on the way to their office. I remember, sometimes, one person who was coming in scooter, to go to his office, and he used to drop me to the tuition. Without any hesitation I was going with him. I don’t know what made me to go with him. But he was very good, he was sharing some things about his daughter, who is younger than me and sometimes he just asked about me. We were just chatting and he used to drop me to my class. While coming, one of my classmates drops me in her cycle till the bus stop and from there, I come by walking.

But in all these exercise, never ever I was neither scared nor afraid of the dark. I never thought that I should not talk to the strangers nor I thought that I should not go with the scooter uncle.
But now, I am scared of darkness. I can’t stay alone at home in the night. If my hubby goes on official trip, I will just switch on all the lights whichever available in the house and switch on the tv and will just watch it till 1 or 2AM in the midnight. Later on I will switch on the sleep mode in the remote and will try to sleep. Finally I will get sleep may be around 3 in the morning.

Also, I am very scared to talk to any strangers and never ever go with any one whom I don’t know. Whenever some strangers approach, some unwanted thoughts come to my mind. Why he / she talking to me? Does he/she want to rob me? Do they want to drug me and take to some distant places? Etc, etc.. I know all these things are just meaningless. But all these thoughts will come whenever I am at the bus stop waiting for bus or auto when suddenly a girl or a boy comes to me and ask me whether I mind to share a auto with them? Why am I so scared? Is it because I have grown up and I should be careful in whatever the things I do? I just don’t have answer for this.

Also, I think about the present kids and also the mentality of some parents. I have seen many parents, who never leave their children especially their daughters, alone. They always accompany them wherever they go. But I don’t remember in my childhood, wherein my parents accompanied me. I was always going on my own to wherever I want to go, whether it is friend’s house, or it might some neighbors’ house. They were never scared, if at all I get late. Infact they were very confident that she will be definitely back by end of the day. Sometimes, when we didn’t had television at home, I used to go to my friends house to watch television and was back home by 11pm in the night.
Why that freedom is is missing now? I feel nowadays, there is lots of insecurity prevailing everywhere. Lots of cases have been registered, which is making the parents to worry about their kids. Lots of minor rape, molest children’s, etc. is happening. Even some teachers are involved in molesting their students. It’s just unfortunate that all these things are happening. Because of all these incidents, kids are not able to enjoy their childhood. Most of the parents are getting scared to send their kids, even to their neighbors’ house. Once I saw a mom who was stopping her kid to play as it was getting dark and she was scared to leave her kid alone. But the kid was very adamant to go with her mom. Finally mom got angry and she just shouted and finally kid with tears went with her mom. What is happening?

I am not here to judge what’s happening in the world nor I am here to give solution for this? But I am just worried about all these things whatever is happening. The present generation no longer enjoys the childhood which we enjoyed. Most of the time, kids plays indoor games, like computer games, etc and just indulge in front of television. They don’t even know some of the games, which we used to play in the childhood. Anyway, I may be wrong in some of the views which I have mentioned above.

Anyway, it’s depends upon the individual how he / she look at the situation and how he / she is going to handle the same.
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