New Home v/s. Weight Reduction

Further to my earlier post house hunting, finally we have shifted to a new house with a whooping rent of Rs.16,500/- per month. It’s just double the rent what we are paying now. Anyway, the ultimate is we have shifted. It’s around 25 days we have shifted to the new place. We have now settled down with all the items arranged.

After shifting to this house, I am finding lots of time at home. Earlier, we were leaving our house at 8 AM in the morning and reached home around 8.30PM in the evening. It was very hectic schedule. But now, my hubby leave home at 8.30 – 8.45AM and will be back at 8 PM. I leave around 9.15 in the morning and back at 7 in the evening. So around 3-4 hrs a day I am saving.

I am making use of this timings, in doing all the house hold work, as I have not appointed any maid at home and have decided not to do, as I have got time to do all the house hold work.

One more reason for not keeping maid is to reduce weight. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have put on lots of weight after marriage and trying hard to reduce. But nothing is working out. So finally decided once I shift the house, my first goal will be to reduce my weight.

Hence, I have been doing lots of things to reduce weight, some of which are

  • Started going for a walk for half an hour in the morning
  • Doing all the household work like washing utensils, sweeping, mopping, etc
  • Avoiding outside foods, stick to home made food
  • Avoiding junk foods
  • Avoiding oily items
  • Avoiding rice
  • Having fruits in the breakfast and stick to fruit juice instead of cool drinks.
  • Planning to join GYM which is situated in our complex from 1st April.

I am feeling great, nowadays and I have become very active. Even my hubby has observed it and he is very happy for this change in me.

Finally, my main goal is to reduce maximum weight before June, as I will be visiting Bangalore in June. I just don’t want to see the expression of my relatives, who has not seen me so fat. I am confident of achieving this goal. Lets hope for the best !!!

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