Fun at Work !!

I am working from past around 9 years now and have worked for around 5-6 companies. I had a different experience in each company. Some were very good and some where very bad. But overall, I think I had a very good experience.

I was working for a company, who were in the business of diesel engines. I worked for just 6 months, but it was the most enjoyed phase of my life. Each day was fun. If the company would have not shifted to Pune, I think I would have not left that Company atleast till my marriage. Seriously I liked that Company, the environment, the people, everything was awesome. The way we were enjoying our job, I think I never enjoyed like that in any of the Companies, I worked. It was a great experience.

I think first month, we didn’t enjoyed much, because of some officials there. But once they left the company, our fun started. The moment I get into the cab and till the time I get down the cab in the evening, we were having fun. I am not able to express by words. Everything was good. There were no complaints about that company.

We had a group of around 10. I, Renu, Janet, Mohan, Jai Singh, Anish, Arun, Saravanan, Jose, John and we had fun like anything. We had even gone to a trip to Hogenkal Trip except janet, as she could not join the trip. That trip was too good. That trip has got lots of fond memories. We had enjoyed a lot. Those photos are still with me and whenever I see those pictures, I can’t control my laughter. Photo of Jose in Karunanidhi style, Anish’s Kajrare dance, the enjoyment in the falls, dosa and idly at saravana bhavan hotel, mine, Jai Singh and Renu’s pose of Election campaign, everything is too good. I think no one in our group could have forgotten this trip. This trip can’t be forgotten in my lifetime.

Also, we used to have lots of fun at office. The fight between Anish and Janet (we had kept the name as bunty and bubbly), the way I used to call Mohan as Mohhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn, the everyday comments from jose on mine and Renu’s dresses, the argument on marriage between myself, Renu and Aravind Sir, jose, the evening snacks sponsored by Aravind Sir, the list just goes on and on. The last day at the company was very memorable, as I could hear everyone’s opinion about me and also I was presented gift from the company. I think that was the only company where I cried while leaving.

Anyway, now everything is a memory. All the members of our group are scattered in different parts of the country. I am able to be in touch with some people in our group. Its around 4 years I have left that company, but atleast once in a day I remember those days.

However, this company will always be my best Company in my career and each and every moment will be a memorable moment.
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