Bad Boss !!

I am thinking to write something in my blog, but my mind is not working, as it is filled up with lots of things. I am not sure about to which topic I need to start. As the saying goes “too many cook spoil the cooking”, the same thing has happened with me, with lots of things in mind and do not know with which shall I start. Anyway, decided to write about my Manager in one of the Company I worked for.

I worked for a MNC for around one year. It was actually very good company. I was very lucky to have worked there. There are lots of good and bad experiences in that company. First I want to share my bad experience there.

When I remember that company, I first remember that stupid and idiot person, whom I was reporting, i.e., who was my boss. Let us call him Mr.X. I was working for a Manager starting for around 10 months. Mr.X joined the company 2 months after I joined. He was very arrogant and very rude person. By just a look, people can make out what type of person he is. I still wonder, how the management can appoint him, can’t they just look at him and make out that he is not suitable for that position? God knows. Anyway, coming to the point, when he joined our Company, I had arranged room in a 5 star hotel as he had shifted from US. We had arranged a welcome party for him and just it was an introduction session we had with him. Next he joined our office and he was assisted by one lady, who was earlier in HR and then came to Admin and finally ended as Assistant to Mr.X. I think she has to get an award as she was the only lady who assisted him for around 6 months. I think she had lots of patience to tolerate him. The job he used to assign his assistant, no one would have accepted, but she did so patiently. Hats off to her. The job included, whether the bathroom which he uses is clean or not, whether his personal utility bills are paid on time, whether his lunch or dinner are coming on time and whether it is tasty or is done in hygienic kitchen, buying his shoes lace personally, buying charger for his toothbrush and of course office work, like cleanliness of meeting room, taking care of foreigners, issuing the certificate, etc, etc.

Finally, I think his assistant got bugged up, she resigned the job. Luckily for him, he got an assistant, who was based in Delhi. She was personally very good girl and she joined the job. The earlier assistant, taught most of the work to her and she left. The New Assistant became close to me and I always used to help her in the work, as she was new to the job. Mr.X used to appreciate my initiatives in everything and he even gave me some gift vouchers for my work. Till that time, I actually did not hate him much as I hate him now. The problem started when the New Assistant planed to quit, because of Mr.X’s attitude and she cannot tolerate him. Without any notice, she just left the job and since, I knew all her job, I started doing her job, just as a favour to Mr.X. I was in contract job that time and I eagerly wanted to get into the pay role as there were lots of benefits in that. Finally, my Manager informed me that they are going to take me on role, and in future I am also going to assist Mr.X, along with my Manager. I was happy for the decision of taking me on role but at the same time, I got worried about Mr.X.

Anyway, I can’t help but to accept to assist Mr.X. First thing came in a shock when he told me that I need to shift my place next to him. I shifted to the new place. Then I started working. Slowly, he showed his original colour. For each and everything he started shouting. If his bathroom is not clean, he used to shout on me. I just don’t know what he expects. Do I need to go into the Men’s toilet and check whether the bathroom is clean, what the hell he thinks of him. I just kept quiet. Then he started controlling me of going to coffee. He even told me that whenever I go to coffee, I need to inform him and then come back within 10 mins. Also, he informed me that only twice I can go for a coffee. If at all I tried to go third time, he used to give me an ugly stare at me and says, just now you went for a coffee right. All the collegues, were getting irritated for this. Sometimes, the foreigners used to come early without giving a notice and hence the meeting room would have not been ready. He used to shout on me. Arey, come on, how would I know that they are coming early.. do I get a dream of that? Everyday he used give me a packet of popcorn and I am supposed to put it in am oven and when it is ready need to serve him on his desk. What the hell he was thinking? Am I his servant to do all these things?

I was day by day, getting irritated by all these things and more than that, because of his shouting, I was getting disturbed mentally. I was not able to sleep properly. I forgot to mention, i just worked under him for one month and I could not tolerate him just a month also. He was a nightmare to me. Infact, I spoke to my earlier Manager and told him all the problems and even I told him, I don’t want a company role job, I am ready to work on the contract, but please I would be happy to assist you rather him and please take me back as your assistant. I think he also tried his best, but could not succeed on that. Finally, I started applying for the job. Luckily I got a good job with better pay. I thought let me speak to Mr.X, before submitting my resignation, as I had a slight hope that if at all I discuss the problem, he may try to change himself. Hence I fixed any appointment with him and I told him that I am getting mentally disturbed and not able to concentrate on my job. He just said, don’t give excuses about the work, if you want to leave the job, just submit the resignation. I can get 100 better candidates. I just felt of banging something on his head. But I just controlled my anger and submitted my papers. Finally I left the company, but last day was very memorable one, as all my friends at the Company, had arranged a farewell party and gave me a gift.

But the sad part of this story was, on the last day of my working at the Company Mr.X resigned the job. I felt so bad. If atleast a clue I would have got, definitely I would have managed somehow. But anyway, can’t help it. He was sacked by the Company for using abusing languages to the employees in the meeting and also for his behavior.

Anyway, past is past, but I can’t ever forget this person in my life. I think the person I most hate in my life will be Mr.X. Hope he might have improved atleast now, otherwise, he will not survive for long time.

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