Friends Forever !!

As mentioned in my earlier post, I got lots of friends in RVTI, whom I am in touch till today and have become very close friends. I want to dedicate this post to one of my close friend Sreedevi, who is very close to my heart.

During my college days, myself and Sajitha were very close. Sreedevi was not much close that time, as she was occupied with some other friends. I think we became close, when we started our career. We used to be in touch over phone call once a week initial days and gradually it became on daily basis. We felt very comfortable with each other and started sharing all our feelings, joy and sorrow moments in our life. Since, we were both in the same profession; we accompanied each other for the interviews also. Then slowly we became very close and infact, started meeting on daily basis. I also became close to her sister. Anyway, now I am not in touch with her, for some reasons. Daily we used to meet at Malleswaram in a hotel (forgot the name of the hotel) and used to order the same dish, bonda soup, Manchurian, fried rice. We just ate and used to talk so much. No topics were required. Ofcourse, now also, we don’t need a topic to talk, just a meet and we start off. I think all the friends do so. In friendship, there will be no restrictions, no complications, nothing.

Coming to the point, she is not just a friend, but everything to me. She has helped me in so many ways, which I cant forget in my lifetime. Especially, when my mom was hospitalized and I was running short of money, she just gave me money even before I asked her. Also, she has helped me in my financial situation, several times. The Best part of our relationship is our thinking, our reaction to any situation, will be the same, always. For example, when we chat online, we type the same sentence, same words at a time. We always get surprised about that. We always wanted to help others and we do so, whenever we get the opportunity to do, especially when any of our friends or collegues, are looking out a job very badly, we will be the first to help them, because we know the pain of searching for the job. Our phase of jobless has been posted here.

I think the one person with whom I can share all my feelings, all my happiness and sad moments other than my husband, will be Sree. Not only I have become close to her, even my husband also very close friend of hers and he treats her as his sister. Whatever the problems and whatever the time, I know she will be always with me, forever. I think I could not ask god more than this. She just takes care of my tiniest desire so sweetly; my heart will melt for that. My eyes will be filled up with tears. Whenever, I go to her house, she prepares all my favourite dishes, with so much love and affection. I am very lucky to have a friend like her in my lifetime.

I wanted to write more and more about her, but I am not getting words to express my feelings to her. I just wanted to thank god for giving me such a wonderful friend in my life. Thank you so much Sree, for supporting and to be with me in all phases of my life. I am very lucky to have you in my life. I pray to the god to give you lots of happiness, health and wealth and lead a very peaceful life.
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2 Responses to Friends Forever !!

  1. monica says:

    Kavya I agree with you Sree is really a gem and we are lucky ones to have her 🙂

  2. Monica,Thanks for commenting..

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