Hurray !!

I came back from my Bangalore vacation last week and was tied up with lots of things at office. I cant say it was a vacation for me, as I had a very tight schedule this time. For the first time, felt like why did I visit Bangalore? Anyway, I am happy to be back.

My first agenda during my Bangalore visit was to visit my school friend Gayatri and I am happy to say that I really met her, after around 15 years. The moment I entered Bangalore, I visited my friend Sree’s house and then we left to search for Gayatri’s residence. I knew the roads, but I was visiting that place after a long gap of 15 years and hence lots of things had changed. In the place of small houses, there were bunglows constructed. I just went and asked in around 2-3 houses and voila! Finally I got her house. I just entered and I saw Gayatri’s mom and she immediately recognized me. I felt on the top of the world. Then usual talks and then finally came to know that she got married around 5 years back and has a kid. I was able to click her photograph from the photo frame and took her number and left from there.

On the same day night, I called her and she was also very happy to talk to me. She invited me to her house and I met her next day. But we could able to spend only short time, but it was very memorable one. She is happily married and I also met her husband, he is very friendly and cheerful. She is the same Gayatri who has not changed at all, since the school days. I am really happy that finally I was able to meet her. More than me, my hubby and my friend Sree are very happy that I met her, as I was just pestering them about Gayatri all the time.

I will make sure that I will be in touch with her forever.
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