Smart !!

Myself and my hubby (PK) will be having the below conversation regularly, but last night, a slight change was there.

Me: Get me a glass of water

PK: I am already on bed, I cant get up now. please I also need water. Also, please get me the relispray, as my shoulders are paining, then switch on the fan and night lamp and switch off the light. Also, check whether the doors are locked.

Me: I only do these things daily. Why don’t you do it once? Ok, I will give you 10 rs, if you get me water.

PK: Hmmm.. (Thinking)

Me: What….

PK: Lets do it this way. If you do whatever I have told you now, I will do whatever you say tomorrow.

Me: What (Shocked now)

PK: Yes, seriously.

Me: Tell me once again (just searching for any * mark i.e., conditions apply sign)

PK: Ya, I will do whatever you say tomorrow

Me: Hmm. (still thinking and searching) repeat like this, I will do whatever the work you say tomorrow.

PK: Fine. I will do whatever the work you say tomorrow

Me: Hmm…

PK: What r u thinking still? Go and do the things

Me: Ok fine

Went and got a bottle of water, checked the door, switched on both the fan and the night bulb and finally switched off the light.

PK: Good Girl.. good night and sweet dreams

Me: Tell me one thing.. R U sure about what you said right?

PK: Have u seen the movies of James Bond?

Me: Ya some movies, but what is the relation between James Bond and my question?

PK: There is a movie called Tomorrow never comes. So better have a nice sleep. Good Night.


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One Response to Smart !!

  1. Swaram says:

    Ha ha gud one 😀

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