Confusion !!

I don’t why? I will be always in confusion. Whatever the matter is, I will get confused and it’s a big task for me to take decision. How much ever it is small matter, I will be never able to decide on anything. I need someone always, to take any decision. Whether it is choosing a dress, or buying a pencil. I will end with two brands and will get confused, which one to buy. PK will come to my rescue, but nowadays he also got bugged up with my behavior. I just don’t know why I am confused so much, in everything.

My day start with what shall I cook today. Obviously I end with two items and will be not able to decide on that. Shall I prepare chapatti or rice. If chapatti, what will be the subji for that, is it carrot or beans. If rice, then what shall I prepare, is it tomato rice or tamarind rice? Ufff!!

Then finally I decide on something and prepare it. Then comes the question, which dress shall I wear today to the office? Then end with two dresses. I decide one dress, but what if rain comes and what if dress gets dirty? But the sky is clear; I don’t think rain will come? But Mumbai rains are unpredictable, it may rain any time? Ufff!!!

Then I try atleast around 2 – 3 dresses and finalize one dress and go to bath. Then next question is whether shall I wash my hair or just take bath and come out? No, I will not wash hair, its so boring. But hey my hair is looking very oily? What shall I do? Uffff!!!

Then finally wash my hair and come out and wear dress and get ready. Then comes the question, which sandals shall I wear. This has got heel, I will not be able to run around, as it is already late and I have to run now. But the flat sandal is not going with my dress. What to do now? Ufff !!!

I know whoever reads this; will think that I have got lots of time in the morning to think so much. But the fact is, because of all these things, I always come to office late. But what shall I do?
The above is just a few examples, I can give. So you can imagine how much PK would have been pissed off with my behavior.

I am trying to find out the solution for my confusion. Why am I so confused always? Some people have given the solution that, since my star sign is aridra (according to my kundali), I am tend to get confused with everything. That means all the people whoever belongs to “Aridra Nakshatra”, will be confused always. But I am not sure how much it’s true, because I have not come across any person who belongs to Aridra Nakshatra. If someone with the same star sign, please let me know whether you also face the same problem like me.

Now I have put all the blame to my star sign and I have convinced PK also about this and luckily he is convinced and helping me in taking decisions.

So moral of the story is I am not to be blamed for my confusion and hence, I am not responsible for the consequences!!
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4 Responses to Confusion !!

  1. Hi, first timer herethe concluding portion of the post was nice that you are not responible for the confusion ,but the star is !!But honestly why do you have to feel worked up ,rather if you start looking at it as part of a decision making process ,the perhaps everything falls in it a tounge in cheek remark ! as long as your hubby doesnt feel that between two guys you decided on him….TCCU

  2. Compassion Unlimited:-Thanks for your comments. I think i will follow what you said.By the way, you are not first timer, you had commented on my blog earlier to my dreams post.I think you are not posting nowadays in your blog.. What happened, is everything alright.. take care

  3. Swaram says:

    LOL .. My husband's nakshatra is Aridra 😛 😛 Nt sure if I hv seen him confused 😛 though he hd started a blog which ws called Confused Orient 😛 😛

  4. Swaram says:

    Ha ha .. gr8 that u convinced PK too 😀

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