Oh My God !!

I always wanted to learn some musical instruments since, childhood. But due to financial problem, I could not do it. Now, I have got the interest once again and I told my husband that I want to learn guitar and he told ok.

Last weekend, we went to some mall nearby and we saw one musical instrument shop there. Immediately we went there and the conversation went on like this.

PK: do you have good guitars here

Salesman: Yes sir, here it is (hands over the guitar)

PK: oh its gud.. Don’t you think so (looking at me)

Then I took the guitar and had a look at it

Me: Ya its gud, but its heavy.. don’t you have light weight guitar

Salesman: No madam, this is the lightest guitar we have got

Me: Oh is it.. I don’t know how people carry so much weight.. Anyway, where is the stick for this?

Salesman and PK in a confusing face look at me

Me: What.. Don’t you have stick with this.. I have seen in the tv, so many people use this with a stick

Salesman: No madam, you don’t get a stick with this.

Me: Then how am I suppose to use this then.. I have seen in the tv, so many people will be using the stick in this position

I showed them how they use with great difficulty, as the guitar was very heavy.

Salesman and PK were in shock.

Salesman and PK(together): That is not guitar, but it is violin !!

Oh shit!! Once again I got confused..

Me: (slowly) PK, actually I always wanted to learn violin and not guitar

PK (angrily): You and your confusion.. Ridiculous. Sorry man (salesman), do you have violin.

Salesman: No sir.. We don’t have.

PK: Ok Thanks.

We came out of the shop and we could not help but just laughed it out. I don’t know what that salesman would have thought about me.. But who cares, right !!
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2 Responses to Oh My God !!

  1. Swaram says:

    Aww u r so sweet .. very honest :)Anybody cn make fun of others but r very bad when it comes to accepting the same .. kudos to u for hvng written this 🙂

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