Trip to Belgaum !!

(Photo clicked by me)

We had gone for a trip to Belgaum, which is in the borders of Karnataka and Maharashtra. It was actually an unplanned trip. Since PK had some official work for one day, we planned a trip immediately. We didn’t have any idea of the places, which we can visit there.
But I am happy to say that we made this trip as Belgaum is an awesome place. We never ever thought that Belgaum will be such a nice place. Wherever you go, you will find greenery, fresh air and you get so relaxed in that place. We enjoyed a lot.. It was a very memorable trip for us..

I have uploaded some photos here.

Also, if you want some information about Belgaum, you can find in this site.
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One Response to Trip to Belgaum !!

  1. Swaram says:

    Wow! U hv gr8 pics there :)Did nt find even one with urs though 😛

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