Draping a Saree !!

Oh my god!! When I think of draping a saree, I get goosebumps.. Because I am very bad in draping a saree.

I take not less than 45 mins to 1 hr to drape a saree. I was not like this earlier. I used to wear saree, very frequently and hence, used to drape saree very fast. But nowadays, very rarely I wear saree, may be in some festival I wear it. May be that’s why I am not able to wear saree so fast.

For example, since it is navrathri festival, HR sent a mail to all the ladies in the office, asking us to wear saree in all these days. So I thought instead of wearing all the days, thought of wearing a saree for a day and I decided to wear saree today. First as usual, got confused with two sarees. Finally decided with a simple silk saree, which was very good. I started off at around 8.30AM and at 9.15AM, I was not able to drape the saree. I was just sweating like anything, as I had switched off the fan, as it will be difficult to drape while fan is on. I got so much pissed off, I decided I will not wear saree in future. But I just cooled down myself and tried with cool mind and voila!! Got it right.

I feel so uncomfortable when I am wearing saree. I just put safety pins, wherever it is possible. When I remove saree at the end of the day, so many safety pins comes out. I will be always scared when the saree will come out and I will walk very carefully.

I always wonder, how so many women wear saree so fast and will be so comfortable with that. May be they wear saree frequently and as the saying goes practice makes man perfect, they will be comfortable with that. I always think I should start wearing saree to office, but time does not permit me. I like to wear saree, but the time it takes to wear, will be irritating. Lets see, when I will be able to wear it and feel comfortable.
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One Response to Draping a Saree !!

  1. Reflections says:

    I face the same problem with sarees…. I take ages to wear one & then ofcourse use atleast 6 pins to keep it in place. SO many times the kids have pulled at the saree by mistake & my sarees have torn;-(But I have 2 friends who wear sarees to office…..they wear it so fast & really look so good:-))

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