Life !!

Till I completed my 10th Standard, I was staying with my parents, happily. I didn’t have any restrictions; I was able to do what I want and was enjoying this freedom. I think god had some other plans for me. Since, 10th exams are very crucial for our career; my uncles told me that I should go to their house to study as they thought I will be not studying here. So my dad also told me the same thing. Earlier I was very much scared about my uncles. If at all I came to know that they are coming, I used to run away somewhere and once they are out, I used to come home. I don’t know why, I was lacking confidence to talk to them and always was scared. So when they told that I have to go their house for studying, I got worried, but as I was scared to tell no, I accepted and packed my clothes and left home. I still remember the tears in my mom’s eyes. She just told me one thing; finally you are also leaving me and making me alone. I didn’t think that that day will come so fast. I just told her that no mom, I will be back home after my exams, don’t worry, I will never leave you like that. But by saying that, I just cried and left that place.

But I was wrong. When I went to my uncle’s place, I came to know the exact reason they called me for. My aunt (dad’s elder sister) husband had paralysis and since they don’t have any children, they had shifted from their place to Bangalore and have settled in my uncle’s place. Since, Aunt does not like to stay in my uncle’s place, she was looking for a house and since, there is no one to support in the new house, they had thought about me and finally decided that I will be staying with them and take care of them. They told my dad about this and bad luck, my dad also accepted as we had a very bad financial problem, and many times we didn’t had food at home and many times, I had just slept by drinking water. So he thought atleast if I am with my aunt, I will get good food, shelter and also will get good education. But he never asked me about my feelings. He never thought about my mom. I don’t know how much I have cried many nights. But I was not strong to oppose anything. I just silently took all the pains and started staying at my aunt’s place. When I entered Aunt’s house, I was 16 years. I can say the life was hell. There was no peace, no freedom, lots of restrictions on everything. I started my vocational course. I used to get up at 5 in the morning, wash all the utensils, wash clothes, sweep and mop the house, and then take bath, get ready and leave house around 6.30. I never had breakfast during the courses. My Aunt would get up at around 6, just take out 2 or 4 slice of bread, put jam in that, and put in the lunch box and used to give that as lunch.

Evening I would come back by 7 or 7.30, change dress, have a cup of coffee, then sit for studying till around 9 and have food. My uncle had paralysis on his right side and hence was not able to speak, walk properly. So he was totally dependent on me and my aunt.

Inspite of doing all these things, my aunt never showed love to me. She used to always fire me for small things. She always used to put lots of restrictions on me. I was not suppose to go with friends, not suppose to watch tv, not suppose to wear any of the modern dresses, have to be at home on time and if slight delay will lead to unnecessary questions and not suppose to sleep for long and have to get up early in the morning, be it a holiday or weekday. That house was like a cage for me. I was not able to fly freely. I was jailed there. But I was not able to oppose it, as I didn’t had courage to do it and also, did not had any options left for me.

The only happiness I had was, that I was allowed to go to my mom’s place every Saturday. But there was some time slot allotted to me to meet her and I was supposed to return back by that time. Still I was happy as in that time slot I was a free bird and went to my mom’s place and relax. My mom used to be very happy when I come and she used to prepare some special food for me. I used to happily munching and relaxed there. But when I leave that house, both I and my mom’s eyes will be filled with tears.

To be continued….
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One Response to Life !!

  1. Swaram says:

    U r an example of patience and dedication! I wud hv probably run away and thrown all sorts of tantrums 😦

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