Happy Diwali !!

Diwali brings lots of memory.
  1. Fire crackers:- I used to like fire crackers very much. I think till I was around 20 years I used to enjoy to burst the fire crackers. Anyway, later on lost interest in that and I think from past 3-4 years, I have not touched any fire crackers.
  2. Food:- My aunt used to prepare lots of variety and tasty food and I used to enjoy like anything. It used to be always a relaxing day.
  3. Family get together:- Diwali is the time, where all my family members get together and celebrate. Loads of fun and activities will be there and used to enjoy a lot. I just love it.

I just badly miss all those fun!!

I think after marriage, I rarely celebrated any festival. I just do pooja to god and that’s it. I don’t prepare any sweets and any special food, because PK is not interested in sweets and if at all I prepare, he will just taste a spoon. Balance, I have to forcefully finish it. So I decided that I will not prepare any sweets at home. Hopefully, by next festival my in-laws will join us and we will have fun once again.

Diwali is festival of lights and I pray that let it bring happiness, joy, wealth and peace to everyone.

Happy and Prosperous Diwali!!

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