PK had a train at 6.50 this morning to go to Baruch. So Last night he told me to keep the alarm at 4.45AM. I did the same thing.
4.45AM, the alarm rang, and I promptly waked him up. He told me ok. So I turned back and slept, in the impression that he will wake up and get ready. Suddenly I got up at 6.45 and to my shock, PK was still sleeping. I was just scared or shock or surprise, I don’t know, I immediately waked him up. He told ya I will wake up. After 5 mins, he didn’t waked up. So once again, with a loud voice, asked, “are you not going to baruch?” Suddenly he asked, whats wrong with you, I am going, I am just getting up now? I told him, when will you go, it is already 6.45. He just saw outside and oh my god, he got worried and just ran outside. He was just upset and was yelling at me for not waking him up. I knew that I did the mistake, just did not argued with him.
But later I was just wondering was there any mistake from my side as there were other things are also involved:-
  • PK used to always keep alarm on his mobile, but yesterday he forgot to do that. Was it my mistake?

  • PK used to always call for Meru CAB, but this time, he decided to take a taxi or Auto rickshaw. Was it my mistake?

  • PK used to keep both the mobiles with him and when alarm rang; he used to snooze it or change the timings by 10 or 15 mins? But this time, he told me to keep the mobile by my side. Was it my mistake?

Anyway, the ultimate is, he missed his train and finally drove down to Baruch. So I have to make sure that this incident should not happen, in future.

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2 Responses to Alarm!!

  1. Reflections says:

    Ohoh….must have given u a few tense moments huh!!!!!But never mind next time dont forget to keep both mobiles on his side;-D

  2. Seriously, It was a very tensed moment..

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