True Story!!

Warning: Long post ahead and I am not at all good in narrating a story. If at all you get bored, please stop reading.

I am just upset today.

How can a Husband do like this to a wife? Is this seriously possible? I am just shocked.

Let us call husband as X and wife as Z.

X was my colleague in one of my earlier Company at Bangalore. I just worked there was 6 months and I got married, resigned the job and shifted to Mumbai. I hardly knew X. I just interacted with him for just official things. After one year or so, I got a call from X saying that he has got a job in Mumbai and he wants to see some house for rent and he needed my help. Initially I was happy that someone from Bangalore has come down and I and PK helped him to see some house. Finally he decided a house which was very costly and he gave some damn reason for that.

After a month, his wife, kid and his mom came down to Mumbai to stay with him. Z was pregnant second time and I tell you, she is very down to earth person. We became very close friend very soon. Once X’s Mom left from there, Z Mom came from Bangalore to take care of her, as she was nearing her delivery. Even Z’s Mom was also very good and down to earth person.

But X was a physic person. He used to always crib about Mumbai and always used to say that Bangalore is best always. He was cribbing for everything, whether it is road, or station or anything. Always he used to compare Mumbai with Bangalore. We used to get irritated, not because we don’t like Bangalore, we just love Bangalore, but Mumbai city is feeding us and giving so many facilities, how we can blame this city. Always, there were arguments between us and him. He was very eager to go back to Bangalore and even started looking out for a job within 3 months in Mumbai.

Then they had a baby girl, with some complications initially. During this period, He even told that his kid got complications during delivery was because of Mumbai, which is not at all correct. Whether she is in Bangalore or Mumbai, that was supposed to happen. But later on everything got sorted out. His mom had come for naming ceremony. His mom had all types of attitudes.
Once, when we went to his house, he and his mom was not there and had gone out. Z and her mom were there and I could make out that Z mom was crying. I didn’t know whether I need to ask her or not, as it was their personal matter. I could not tolerate and just asked is everything alright? Then she broke down and told everything about X.

From the day one of their marriage, Z is not at all happy with him. Once they got married they shifted to US as X was working there. X is a physic person and also a mamma boy. He just listens to his mom and he even informs her each and everything that happens between them. It’s too much. There should be some personal things between husband and wife. Why should he go and say everything to his mom? His mom is also great and used to pass on wrong things to him and he always listened to her. This poor girl was not at all aware of all these things until one day, when she saw the detailed mobile bill, wherein every five minutes he had called his mom. There are lots of things of X which will take still long post and hence I will cut short and just say that he was not all a good husband.

Coming to the main point, the main problem started when X started looking out for a job within 3 months of shifting to Mumbai, which irritated Z. X was not all sticking to any job more than a year and all most all the companies he has worked has thrown him out of the job, because he used to do illegal works, like cracking the password and sending some emails to the senior etc. In Mumbai also, he was giving a simple reason that he does not know Microsoft Excel properly and hence he is not able to cope up with the work. Bullshit! If he does not know Microsoft Excel, there are so many centers, who teach Microsoft Excel in one month and he can learn there and can work so easily. He was infact working for big MNC Company and they were paying him good. But still he was not happy and rigoursly looking out for a job. In the meanwhile, he was not at all performing well and the Company gave him the option to shift him to some other Department as they don’t want him to remove from the job.

His mom filled up so many things in his mind and told him that his future is only in Bangalore and nowhere else. He finally decided that he will quit the job and look out some job at Bangalore. This irritated Z. Obviously, during this recession, where will he get a job? Also, she was fed up of him and his changing jobs. They had lots of arguments and he just accused her and her mom and told them that they are spoiling his life. Finally, Z decided that she will not leave with his mom and she told that if at all he wants to leave with her, he has to leave his mom.

Being a mamma’s boy, how can he leave his mom? So he told her that he can’t leave his mom. They shifted back to Bangalore and X, stayed with his parents and Z stayed with her parents and brother, with two kids. X was keep on calling her and abusing her with bad words and told her to come back or she has to face the consequences. But Z was very steady in her decision and did not oblige him. Lots of counseling went on between them, but nothing worked out.

Then Z started applying for the jobs. Somehow, X came to know about that and he cracked her password and blocked all the account, so that she should not get any calls from any recruiters. X also did not had any job for around one year. He was at home. Z came to know that he has blocked and called me to help her to get a job. I gave her lots of contacts and finally through some contact she got a job in a consultancy firm for HR job. She was very happy and finally was leading an independent life. I always used to tell her to be independent and if possible take divorce, as he is not at all a responsible person. He does not know the responsibilities. He is not a good dad also, as he never treated his kids properly.

Finally, everything was in peace. X was with his mom and Z was with her parents and was happily working. But all of a sudden, she started getting weird calls on her mobile. People used to call her and ask her that whether she is available that night, what are the charges for one Hr? Where she will be available? etc etc. She just got worried and started ignoring the calls. But the number of calls kept increasing and she was not able to tolerate it. Then she asked one person that where did he got her number and that person told her that he got the number from a website. When she went and checked in that website, she was shocked. Someone had put an ad in that website from her email id and had given her mobile number, with rates and discounts also.

Then she and her brother went to a nearby police station and lodged a complaint. She was not able to figure it out who was the person who did this. After collecting all the details from her, the police filed a FIR and told her to visit the nearby cyber cell and they will be able to help her. Then they went to cyber cell and submitted the copy. The person at the Cyber cell checked all the details from her and asked her whether this type of password hacking has been done earlier also. Then she remembered that her husband has done this earlier with her mail id to block the job portals account. She told that her husband had done this, but he will never do this type of job, so it’s useless to talk about that. But the Cyber cell person told that just for a safer side, we will find out the job portal account wherein you told that he has blocked your resume. When they login in the job portal website, there they found out that in her resume there were the same words and sentence what was there in the other website. Then they got a doubt and checked the IP address and finally they came to know that X had done all these things. The job portal hacking was done from his dad’s system and that other website posting was done from his aunt’s laptop. What the hell man! How can he do this to his wife?

Finally they arrested him and kept him in a jail for around 4 days and now he is out on bail. I can’t just imagine how Z might have dealt with all these things. I am feeling so bad. But after all these incidents, still X’s mom is saying that he is innocent and because of depression he did all these things. WTF!

Now, Z has applied for Divorce also. Hopefully, she will get soon. I just can say that hats off to her, for living with that type of person for around 7 years. Hopefully, she gets happiness in future.

How can he do like this? He has to be punished severely. But god knows, what will happen. I am just praying the god to give loads of happiness to Z.

Will update once I get the news from her.

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3 Responses to True Story!!

  1. Swaram says:

    OMG! What rubbish! This is so hard to believe! But I am really really glad she moved out! And that fellow hs to be punished more!Hw is she dng nw?

  2. Ya Seriously.. i was also totally shocked when i heard this..Now she is doing fine.. have filed the legal case. But you know the legal system.. It takes time to sort out. But she is out of it.. Thank god

  3. Swaram says:

    I know .. one of my friends is struggling to get a divorce too ..Hd blogged abt it here:

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