I am married for two and half years now.

But from 3 months of my marriage, whoever I meet, there will be only one question. Any good news? Is there any policy / rules written somewhere that immediately after you get married, you should have a kid? Having kid is just a sole discretion of me and my husband. Why the outsiders should be bothered about that?

I can understand the immediate family members’ anxiety about my kids, as they wanted to see their grand children, but why the other people are so much interested in that? If at all is there any news, definitely, it will not be a secret. We will definitely inform them. So what is the necessary to ask whenever we meet each other? It’s just irritating. Sometimes, I feel like saying that please mind your business. But I can’t say that, I just smile and say that nothing.. Still time to go.

First of all, we are not ready for the responsibilities. Having kids is not a small responsibility. It’s a lifetime responsibility and we have to be ready for that. We ourself are not responsible, then how can we take the responsibility of the kid. I can’t explain all these things to them, as they never understand. Their only explanation will be, we have also got kids and we have managed our responsibilities so well. Compared to today’s scenario, that time, we were not financially sound, but still we took care of the kid very well. Now, you people are earning so well, you should be able to plan very well and you can give far better life to the kid, etc etc… the gyan goes on and on…

I can just say that we are seriously very irresponsible people. Weekdays, we just don’t invite anyone to our house, because our house will be in total mess. Everything will be lying here and there. Both of us do not have patience and time to arrange those things. We just leave it like that. Only on Saturday, I just clean the whole house and by evening, my house will be very clean. I myself will just keep my door open, so that whoever, wants to come, they can come. I am not all worried.

This is about our house. Coming to the food, we eat; we just manage with whatever is available at home. Sometimes, we just finish our day by just eating kellogs or oats. We both are not demanding and will adjust to anything. We know that we get very less time to spend each other and we don’t want to spend most of the time in the kitchen in cooking.

With all these things, how can we take the responsibility of planning for kid? Its not that we don’t like kids and we just don’t want the kids at all in our life? I know that we can’t be like this forever. In sometime or the other we have to change. But we are not yet ready for that change. We have decided to have kids after two years. We are seriously planning to adopt a kid from an orphanage. I don’t know how many people will agree with me for this decision. We just want a kid and whether it is our own or an orphan kid, what difference it makes. I know many people will not agree about this. My point is that we are going to give a life to kid, who does not have parents and who has not seen the parental love? I am not yet sure how our family members are going to take this decision? We have discussed with one of my uncle and they were infact very happy about our decision and told to go ahead. Hopefully all the other members also should feel happy about this decision. Anyway, this decision will be taken after two years.

I know for another two years, I need to hear all the elderly people gyan about having children. Anyway, I am just used to it now and it does not make any difference to me.

Now, please tell me, am I wrong in my thinking?
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3 Responses to Kids!!

  1. Reflections says:

    Its ur decision….dont let people talking abt it boher u. In India the elderly especially are all very interested about their neighbours details….so these questions cannot be totally avoided:-)).Just laugh it off and change the topic…they'll get the message:-).

  2. Thanks Nancy for your Suggestion.Nowadays, I am just ignoring their words. But I have also observed that, the more you ignore, the more they wil be interested.. Cant help it..

  3. Swaram says:

    Oh I cn so relate to this though all I do is laugh it off :)Abt adoption, we hv always wanted to do that … hv one and adopt another to be precise .. but too many things to be worked out bcoz the child should be accepted by our immediate families too :)I respect u so much for planning to go for it :)Do listen to ur heart and ofcourse, its left to us .. the husband and us totally! Never mind what ppl say :)I luv that song .. kuch to log kahenge .. logon ka kaam hai kehna 😀

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