Sleeping Disorder!!

I am not able to sleep on time from past 15 days. I don’t why. I am just not getting sleep.
PK is travelling a lot these days and I am left all alone. So I don’t get sleep properly as I am scared to be alone. I just be on bed by 9.30-10PM but till 1AM, I don’t get sleep. Now I have got used to sleep at 1 AM and hence, even PK is in town also, I don’t get sleep till 1. Its really irritating.
I have tried many ways to get sleep like

1. One of my friends told me to have milk with honey in the night. I had it, but it didn’t made any difference

2. I tried to put on some light music, but did not worked out

3. I tried read my graduation text books, where I used to get sleep whenever I read it in my graduation time. Hoping to have sleep, I read those text books, but bad luck; I got interested to read more and more. Damn!!

Just imagine, at 12, I am just roaming in the house to find out something, which will take me to sleep. I stand near the windows to take some fresh air at 12. It does not yield any result. At 12.30AM, a thought comes to my mind. Let me knead the dough for roti, so that I can get up a bit late. I go to the kitchen to do that. But after looking outside of the window, another thought comes up. What if someone from the opposite building gets up to drink water and upon looking me, what if they get scared? (I have short hair which I cant tie and I am wearing a white t-shirt with shorts, so you can imagine, why they might get scared).

Then I drop that idea and just sit in the hall for some time. I just try hard to think of the material which will take me to sleep. Finally, I don’t get an answer and once again I go to the bedroom and try to sleep. May be after half an hour, I will go to sleep and at 6 my alarm bell rings. I just feel like banging it. But cant help it, need to go to office on time.

This is my routine night life from past 15 days. I just don’t know what I need to do to get some sleep. I tried to read some books, listen music, try to concentrate on something in my mind so that I will go to sleep, but nothing is working out. I am really upset. More than me, PK is upset.

Please let me know if you have any ideas to get sleep.

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3 Responses to Sleeping Disorder!!

  1. Swaram says:

    Oh girl 😦 All I know is that books and music do rock u to sleep! U say they r nt working … Probably u cn have a small walk after dinner and have a glass of warm milk .. heard from some ppl it works! Hugs to u 🙂 Hope u feel better soon! Cheers!

  2. Bala says:

    Guess that u think more about getting sleep and that thinking itself is not allowing you to settle down… A glass of warm milk and a soft music should help you… just lie in the bed with the eyes closed, listening to the song alone without thinking about anything… surely it'll sedate you even without ur knowledge…

  3. Thanks Swaram and Bala..Now, the situation is better. Instead of 12.30, I am able to sleep atleast by 11.30. Better Right..

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