Back to Friendship

Thanks for all the wishes.. Finally, my friend has spoken to me and now we are friends once again.
But the reason what she gave is not at all convincing and I got irritated.
First of all, she didn’t come back to me herself, but I myself told her that we need to sit and talk and sort out the issues, as I was totally disturbed because of this. I think if I would have not told her this, she would have continued to be silent.
However, she told me that I spoke to her very arrogantly the other day. Arrogant and me? Seriously I am not able to believe. When I told PK about this, he was just laughing unlimitedly. He was saying, you and arrogant, that’s impossible. He was true. PK knew me from past 8-9 years. Not even a single time, I was arrogant to him or to other people. She was only person who told me that I was arrogant.
I just told her that my voice is very loud and I think that’s why you might have felt that I am arrogant. She said, no, you were arrogant and I didn’t like the way you spoke to me. What can I say? I just told her that you are my friend and I thought that I have got all the rights to talk to you anything and I can tell you however I want. I didn’t know that I have to change my tone or think twice whenever I talk to you. Lets believe that I am arrogant, you could have told me immediately that I am arrogant, what was the need to be silent. She was saying that she is very soft spoken and she does not like this type of arrogance. Now, what can I say?
Finally, I told her sorry, if I was arrogant. But in future, if you feel I am wrong, just say it out immediately. She told ok and she is normal.
But I am not able to be normal. Don’t have I right to say her, whatever I felt and whatever the way I want to tell her? Now, whenever I am talking to her, before I tell her something, I am just thinking twice. Sometimes, I just ignore and just nod for whatever she says.
I don’t know when I will be able to talk to her normally. I want to forget whatever happened in past and want to be normal. But I think I will take time for that.
Please tell me, am I wrong in any angle?
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5 Responses to Back to Friendship

  1. Swaram says:

    I am totally with u .. it does take time for u to get over this and be back to normal. Silence is nt golden always and its it the best in the interest of both of u involved to talk it our rather than keep mum! Hope she does it from now on :)Cheers girl and am happy u have made up 🙂 Nice of u to break the ice urself 🙂

  2. Thanks Swaram..I dont know i just expect the other side also should value the friendship like me. I know it is wrong to expect anything in friendship. But i cant help it. Anyway, lets see how long will I take to be normal?

  3. Sakhi says:

    all will be fine and your reaction is not at all unnatural. But if the friendship wins, you two will be pally pally agian :)P.S. thanks for the comment on my blog 🙂

  4. lumuhuku says:

    Though its a matter of personal choice for anyone to handle the relation he/she is in, what I feel is that we were not born to be doormats for others to come and wipe their feet on us, whenever they like.What I appreciate here is that you made an attempt to talk. Talking is much better than keeping silent and assuming things.But, as everyone else here is saying, its better to give a relation some time before taking decisions.So best of luck and always remember – We are not doormats. :-)Best of luck.

  5. Dev:- You are absolutely right.. It takes time.. Thanks

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