Relationship v/s.Money

Before marriage, PK was sharing the flat with his collegue cum friend. Let us call him as Sanjay.
Sanjay got married to Vidya just two months prior to our marriage. So Sanjay decided to get his wife once PK gets married and both of us will stay together till Sanjay gets a house.
I was infact very happy to know about that as I was very new to Mumbai and I thought atleast someone will be there to talk to me. Once we got married, we shifted to Mumbai.
Initial days, everything was ok, rather was getting adjusted to everything. But we could not tolerate Sanjay’s and Vidya’s attitudes. There were several things which we were getting irritated like they were with us for around 2 months, but not even a single rupee they spent on groceries and also they not even gave the share of the rent to us. Anyway, we are not bothered about money and we just value for relationship and hence were trying to adjust to them.
But the way she used to treat, PK was getting irritated. Before marriage, I never entered kitchen and hence, was zero in cooking. But she was very good in cooking and she had completed some course in cooking. So she used to do the cooking in the kitchen and I used to help her. She used to order me the jobs like cut the vegetables, don’t cut like this, cut like this, wash the utensils, clean the kitchen, etc., which I used to get irritated. I don’t like people ordering me. Before marriage, whenever, my aunt used to order for some job, I always used to do the opposite as I used to get irritated about the order. Anyway, lately she came to know that and stopped ordering me. PK also used to get irritated because of this behavior.
One day PK was feeling very hungry and wanted to have Maggie and was searching for Maggie packet. He could not get it, but he remembered Vidya had purchased Maggie packet when we had gone to super market. So he was just searching for that, even Vidya was there when he was searching. But he could not get it. Even Vidya did not utter any word nor asked him anything. So he just dropped the idea of eating Maggie and had some biscuits. The same day, he accidently, went to Vidya’s room where he found out the Maggie hidden in her bag. He got so much irritated. Maggie was just a matter of 10 or 15rs and she hided that only because she had paid that amount. What a cheap mentality!
There were other more incidents which we got irritated. There was no indication from Sanjay and Vidya of moving out of the house. No sign of looking for the house. Finally PK told Sanjay to look for some other house, as we are not able to manage. I don’t know what Sanjay felt, he agreed and moved out of the house. We are still in talking terms but the initial closeness is not there anymore
But what we felt bad is why do people think so cheaply? Why are they so much worried about money? Its not that Sanjay and Vidya are poor, infact they are very well to do family. But still they worry so much about money than relationship? We both never worry about money. Yes, we have saved some money for some emergencies and some for future, but we enjoy our life to the fullest. We are never bothered about money. But, why don’t people give more value to relationship than money. I know I am exaggerating more, but I get upset about this.
Yes, sometimes, I feel, I should have taken the situation in my hand and should have controlled all the fights. I also feel guilty may be because I just left PK to take the things in his hand which made him to lose his friendship with that family instead I should have advised him. Anyway, I feel whatever happens is for good. May be if we would have not done that, they would have never become responsible in life. Also, the best part of this incident was, I got grudge of learning cooking and now I am a very good cook, as certified by PK !!
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2 Responses to Relationship v/s.Money

  1. Swaram says:

    First things first, when can I come over for lunch :PU r nt @ all exaggerating girl! If nt abt money, they should have the decency atleast.I can't believe someone does not care if they are eating and staying free of cost somewhere and that too for so long!Nyways, alls well that ends well 🙂

  2. Swaram:- You are welcome anytime..Will be very happy to do Athithi satkar 🙂

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