Heart Aches!!

From morning, I am feeling very low. Some unknown feeling is happening inside. I am not able to express that feeling. Is it fear or pain or sadness, I don’t know.
There are two factors which I might have got the above feelings.
First thing, today is my mom’s birthday. It’s around 3 years she has gone from my life. I still can’t believe that she has gone and feel that she is somewhere watching me and happy.
Happy Birthday mom! I miss you very much!
Second thing, Attack on Taj and other hotels by Terrorists last year. It’s exactly one year. This day will never be forgotten. How much I was scared. Oh my god, even now I get goosebumps, when I remember that incident.
PK was in Hotel Oberoi for some official meeting and he left the hotel. Exactly after half an hour the terrorist entered the hotel and fired everyone at the restaurant, including the place where PK had a meeting with his clients. God, I can’t explain that feeling. We both had got a rebirth on this day.
But the people who were there were not lucky enough. What have they done to get a death like this? They are just innocent peoples. Is their mistake to go to the 5 star hotel? Forget about the guests, what about the chef and other employees of the hotel? What is their mistake? Earning for their life is their mistake? I just can’t understand how they can think of killing such innocent people? How much hatred they would have filled up in their mind that they did this type of job? Many people who died were the sole earning member of the family. So what about their immediate family? The families of the deceased people are also a big sufferer. Oh God! What have they done to suffer so much?
It’s exactly one year now. What are the changes we have seen in one year in the security system? Sadly, not much. Initial days of this incident, there were tight security everywhere. On each road, we were able to see the police, checking each and every vehicle. Even they used to check inside the car, bags, deck everything. They even checked the pedestrians who used to go for walking in the morning. We actually felt very happy about that. But after around 1-2 months, I could hardly see any police anywhere. There was no security check, nothing. Everyone was freely moving. Felt very sad. I have always observed that when any blast happens, only in the initial days, there will be very strict security. But after sometime, it will be free. Why should they do like this? Why can’t they keep the security check always, 24/7 and 365 days. God knows, when this will happen? Just praying to the god that this type of incident should not repeat once again.
Let all the soul rest in peace and I pray to the god to help them to overcome all these sufferings and let them lead a peaceful life.
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One Response to Heart Aches!!

  1. Swaram says:

    Am sorry to hear abt ur Mom 😦 A very happy bday to her wherever she is!The 26/11 episode – really really makes us numb! Difficult to think abt anything else 😦 U r blessed indeed that PK had a miraculous escape! I sincerely hope we don't have to see another day like that!

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