Parking Problem!!

Weekend was hectic.
Visited Shirdi Saibaba and Shani Singapur temple on Saturday. Very tiring trip but worth after watching Saibaba and Shanidev.
We left home at around 4.30 in the morning and reached Shirdi 9.30. I just slept on the way, but poor PK, he just drove madly whole day. Once we reached Shirdi, we had a big fight for parking our vehicle. Seriously the persons who own the parking lot are terrible and just loot the money. How can they put restrictions on what we have to buy, where we have to park? Disgusting. We had a very bad fight and PK was seriously very angry. I think if we would have left him, he would have slapped that person. First of all, there was no sign of private parking. It was just mentioned as “way to parking” and once we entered into that, one person came and told us that you have to buy a pooja Thali, which was around 250 rs., then only we can get the parking lot? WTF. Who is he to tell us what to buy? We asked him where is the board for this? He just showed us a board which was in some corner of the parking lot which mentioned that it is a private parking. Who the hell knows that it is a private parking, do we get any dream of this? If he was so much particular, why can’t he stand in the entrance itself and mention this to everyone whoever comes to park. Oh god, there was hell lot of arguments and shouting’s and all the ***** words. Finally, since we are visiting the temple, we don’t want to indulge any of the problems, we just stopped PK to shout on him and just took the vehicle and parked in other place. The other parking person was very polite. He just asked the parking fee of 30 rs. and told that it’s our wish to buy the pooja thali.
Finally we bought little bit of flowers and Prasad and went inside Shirdi. There also, people were mad. One person came to us and told that there is lots of rush and you will take atleast around 4-5 hrs to get the darshan. If you give me 300rs per person, I will get you the darshan in 10 mins. Oh God, everyone is behind money in the temple. We did a good thing by ignoring that person, because, there was no rush at all and we got darshan in 45 mins.
From there, we left to Shani Singapur which is around 80 kms from Shirdi. We reached around 1PM and got darshan in 15 mins. Then we had lunch in the temple itself and left there around 3PM and reached home by 9.30PM.
I think apart from the fight, we had a very good trip.
But only thing I don’t understand is why are the people so desperate to get the customers? Don’t they realize that the more they put pressure, the more they lose the customers? They have to be polite with the people. They cannot put pressure on the customer to buy, only because they are getting commission for that. They atleast have to leave the decision to the customer to what to buy and what not to buy? I was thinking that they are uneducated people, so they are doing like this. But this time, I saw so many educated people were doing this. It was seriously disgusting. Sometimes, I don’t feel like going to the temple, because of all these things. They just don’t allow us to enter the temple, until we buy something from them. They should understand that if customer is happy, then whatever the circumstances, they will buy the things from them. If they are not happy, they will neither visit you nor allow others to visit them.
I don’t know when they will understand all these things. I am just fed up of these people. God, Save them.
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