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I travel to office by auto rickshaw daily in the morning. Since, it’s around 8 months, we have shifted to the new place, I have got some known face of drivers of auto rickshaws, who upon seeing me, immediately come and drop to the office.
Among them is an old man, whom I call him as “Khakka”. From past around 4 months, I am going to gym at the office and hence leave home by 7.45 in the morning. He has got some customer nearby to my office and hence once he sees me, he will immediately get his auto and drop to my office.
I had stopped going to gym around 15 days and I started gym once again from past one week. I could not see him last 3-4 days. Finally I saw him this morning when I came to auto stand. He immediately got the auto and we left from there.
The conversation went on like this:-
Khakka:- Kya beta, bahut din hogaye, dikayi nahi diya, kahi bahar gayi thi kya (I could not see you for many days, have u gone somewhere?)
Me:- Nahi Khakka, idar hi thi,magar thoda busy thi, isliye late nikal rahi thi office ko (No Uncle, I was here only, I was busy and hence was leaving to office late)
Khakka:- Accha. Aur kaam sab kaise chal rahi hai beta? (ok. How is ur job going on?)
Me:- Achi Chal rahi Hai (Ya, its going on well)
Khakka:- Tabyat tik nahi hai kya tumhara? (are you not feeling well?)
Me:- Nahi, me bilkul tik hu (No, I am absolutely alright)
Khakka:- Nahi, bahut patli hogayi hai, face sab dull hogaya hai beta (no, you have reduced a lot, ur face is very dull now)
I felt very happy that my weight reduction can be seen now.
Me:- Ha Khakka, diet kar rahi hu aur gymming kar rahi hu, bahut moti hogayi hu na isliye? (Yes Uncle, I am doing diet and also going for gym for reducing my weight as I have put on lots of weight)
Khakka:- Beta, kya zaroorat hai diet karne ki? Tum dono itna kamate ho, wo kiske liye.. pet barne keliye na, wahi nahi tik se kiya tho kyu paise kamana hai. Ye umar acha khasa khana hai aur enjoy karna hai. Tum kitne bhi diet karo exercise karo, tum tho ek na ek din buddi hone hi wali ho aur budapan me kya kya health problem aana hai wo aana hi wala hai. Tab tho tum kha nahi sakthe ho. Isliye ab tum acha kasa kaya tho jab tum buddi ho jaayegi na, tab khane me interest chala jayega, to tumko tab zyada problem nahi hogi. (What is the necessary to diet? You both earn money for food, but if you are not having proper food, what is the necessary to earn so much? This is the age to eat proper food and enjoy your life. How much ever you do diet and exercise, one or the other day, you are going to get old and you are definitely going to get all the age old diseases. Then that time, you can’t eat anything. So better you just eat whatever you want and enjoy. So by the time you become old, you will lose interest in eating and hence you will not have any difficulty that time)
I did not have any answer for that and I just nodded for whatever he told. By that time, my office had come and I just got down there.
But I could not forget this conversation. I think in one way, what uncle told was true. We are just earning for food and we are not having that properly. When I was in school and college, I wanted to eat so many things, but I didn’t had money to buy those things and hence I was just happy with whatever I had, even sometimes, I was just happy to have water instead of food. Now I have got money to buy whatever I want and also freedom, but I don’t wanted to eat anything, as I am now very conscious about my weight.
Strange is life. When we want something, we don’t get it and when we get, we don’t want to have. Anyway, we have to do some diet and exercise to be healthy, but everything has got limit and it has to be done in limit. That’s it !!
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3 Responses to Chat !!

  1. Swaram says:

    Hmm u r rt! Its all abt drawing lines and staying within limits.. we def. cannot eat just bcoz we cn afford .. but do hv to strike a balance b/w food eat and exercise 🙂

  2. Reflections says:

    The old man had a point but his understanding of the whole situation is limited. What he takes home is meagre and therefore his choices are limited compared to urs….and so he talks with the experience of what he knows.Its only when we really are struck down with some sickness bcoz of carlessness in maintaining ourselves do we realise the mistakes we made and by then it is too late. In this day and age where 10-12yr old children suffer from obesity and diabetics it is best to control our overindulgence and try to lead a healthy life.And even while arguing the whole point u said it "Everything in limit":-))Now if only I practiced all this what I'm telling u;-/

  3. Swaram and Nancy:- You both are right. Its rightly said health is wealth. What is the use of wealth when we dont have health. So its our duty to maintain good health.

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