Belief !!

When I was in school, we had so many mad / funny/silly beliefs, like
  • Peacock leaf:- We had a belief that if we keep peacock leaf in the text book, it will give a small tiny peacock leaf after sometime. So most of my text books, I used to keep the leaf and every day I used to checkup whether is there any tiny peacock leaf in my books? It was fun.

  • Kerchief – We had a belief that we should not gift kerchief and used kerchief to friends, as it was believed that if we gifted the kerchief, then we both will fight and the friendship ends. So at any circumstances, we friends never used to offer the kerchief to each other.

  • There was a belief that if we laugh too much, we will cry the same proportion on the same day. So whenever we used to laugh too much, I used to beat thrice to the other person on their hands and also they used to do the same thing to me, so that we need not cry.

  • Whenever we fell somewhere, we had a belief that we have to spit on that spot, where we fell so that we will not fall once again.

  • In our school ground, many people would have done some black magic near the ground, which would contain some egg, red rice and lemon. If at all we just cross that by mistake, then we have to spit thrice on that ground, so that nothing happen to us. Oh, we were so much scared about that black magic. We had heard so many things about that and hence, without fail we used to spit thrice and just ran away from that spot.
There was much other belief, which I am not able to remember now. Also, the fact is I am not able to put those things in proper English, as my English always sucks. Please excuse for my English.
Anyway, why this topic came was last night I just laughed too much for some funny incidents and suddenly I remembered point 3 above. So to keep my school days belief alive, I told PK to beat on my hand thrice, and as usual he was happier to do that, as he will not get a chance like that!! LOL!!
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