Thief !!

I should share this with you. I am very happy.
Finally we caught him. Everyday somehow we used to miss him. We did so many techniques to catch him, but nothing worked out. We kept some food with poison, but he was very smart, he used to smell and just ignore the food. He used to bite the fruits which we kept for god. He used to run around pooja mantap thereby disturbing the idols and bowls. We were just fed up and also more worried about him.
We thought that he might be coming from the bathroom, so we used to always lock the door. But still he used to give visit to our house every night. We were not able to find out from where he is making entry to our house. We were also not sure that whether he has gone out or still roaming inside our house.
Finally, we thought that he must be coming through the big hole wherein exhaust fan has been fitted in the kitchen. So last night whole night we switched on the exhaust fan, so that he will not get space to come inside. But somehow, he managed to come inside and was having his dinner in our kitchen.
Luckily PK was supposed to go to Delhi and he got up early and came out. There he was happily munching apple. PK got so angry, he silently waked his dad and both of them tried their hard to find him. Whole house was disturbed. I was just jumping in fear that he must not harm us. I think the mission went on for half an hour.
Finally, mission was successful and my father in law was able to catch him and he went out and handed over to the Police. They have kept him behind the bar. I am so relaxed now.
By the way, do you want to know who this thief is?

He is none other than our old, very naughty Jerry i.e., mouse. The police was our security guard and jail was the box where they have kept him, so that he will be carried far away and throws him there.

Hopefully, he does not come back once again, otherwise this time I am not going to spare him.
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