Miss you Vishnu !!

Today is really a very sad day.
When I got up this morning, I just switched on the TV and usually scanned through some kannada channels and suddenly I saw in TV9, with so much of crowd. Initially I thought it must be the crowd for the singer C.Ashwath, who passed away yesterday. But as continue watching, I saw the name and I was totally shocked. It was my favourite hero Dr.Vishnuvardhan. I just could not believe that he has passed away. I just totally adorned him from my childhood. He was my hero. I just sat there in shock. PK came and was just telling something and I could not hear anything. Finally he just shook me and then I came into the reality. I just cried there itself. I felt very bad. He has just gone. He had a Heart Attack and on the way to hospital passed away peacefully, this early morning at 2.30AM.
Since, childhood I was a very big fan of Vishnu. I liked his style, his acting, his nature, everything. I never used to miss any of his movies. But as I grow up, that craziness had gone and favorite hero kept changing, but he was always there in my top list. I missed some of his movies, but still I was a fan. I think I have seen some of his movies, repeatedly may be 10 or 15 times, but never felt bored anytime. Some of his memorable movies are “Muthina Haara”, “Bandhana”, “Mathe Haadithu Kogile”, “Malaya Marutha”, “Nagarahaavu” and the list goes on and on. My favorite movie was “Muthina Haara”. It was just an awesome movie. I think I have watched it around 15 times. But every time, I watched that movie, I have cried. He has acted very well and Ya, Suhasini had done a good job.

I had heard lots of good things about him from time to time. He was a very good person by nature. He had helped many people who were in difficulties. He was always on the side of good people. I have never heard anything bad about him. He had even adopted two orphan kids and brought them up with so much care and love.

Anyway, I am not able to digest this news that Vishnu is no more. I don’t know what made God to take him so early. I am not able to find words to express the loss.

May his soul rest in peace. We miss you Vishnu !!
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2 Responses to Miss you Vishnu !!

  1. Swaram says:

    I am sailing in the same boat Kavya .. so diff. to accept he is no more :(A superb artist and all the more a gr8 human 😦 Its a mighty loss for all of us. May his soul RIP!

  2. Reflections says:

    I too was in a state of shock when I heard it….I was not a big fan or anything but nevertheless enjoyed watching his movies:-(. May he rest in Peace!!!!

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