Tag !!

I Saw this tag in Nancy’s blog and thought of taking up.

This tag is about 7 things about myself that nobody knows. I could make only 6 and here we go:-

  • When I go for shopping, I have to buy something in every shop I enter. Somehow I feel awkward to leave the shop bare hand after seeing everything in that shop. I feel sad for those sales people, who put so much effort to show so many things. Hence, I make sure that I buy something in every shop

  • I can’t sleep without switching on the fan. How much ever cold it is, I need fan at any cost. When I went to Dapoli, PK got crazy because it was shivering cold and I myself was shivering, but still I switched on the fan while sleeping.

  • I am not a straight forward person. Whatever I feel about the person, I just can’t tell him on his / her face. I just do mega round to tell the things, as I just don’t want to hurt anyone. I always wanted to cultivate that habit, but somehow, I am not able to succeed in that.

  • I can’t do cooking without making mess of my kitchen. I seriously salute those people who do the cooking without a slightest mess in the kitchen. Moreover the mess, I use too much of utensils for even preparing a small item. I just get tired of cleaning everything and every time I decide that I will not use more utensils and do not make mess, but it does not happen. I think I need to take class to do that.

  • I cannot do multitasking. Whether it is in the kitchen or at work, I never can do that. I have observed many people do multitasking in kitchen like, frying the chapatti one side, second side, pressing the chapatti and third side preparing baaji. I just can’t do that. I first press the required chapattis and then switch on the gas and prepare and then switch off. Then cut the vegetables and prepare the baaji. So I take long time to prepare food. I tried to do multitasking and finally gave it up as I think it is not my cup of tea.

  • How much ever it is clearly mentioned in the lift about open and closing of door, I always get confused. I always open the door when it is supposed to close and close the door, when it is supposed to open. So many times, I have got into embarrassing situation at home, when my neighbor just run to get into the lift and I try to open the lift and instead of pressing open, I just press close and the lift just goes up. I just can’t help about this.

Ahhh.. It was very difficult.. But finally I did it.. If anyone is interested to take this tag, you are welcome.

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2 Responses to Tag !!

  1. Swaram says:

    Ha ha nice tag .. got to know so many secrets abt u :P1 – superb! do tell me when u go shopping next ;)2 – ditto ditto ditto 😉 I hd written abt this habit of mine on the blog too :P3 – I am sort of opp. me thinks 😉 I prefer telling it to ppl and be clear abt things :Plast one – ha ha .. happens sometimes na 🙂 I hd the same prob before with switching off my Ipod 😉 😉

  2. Reflections says:

    LOL I'm the same with point 4….and I get so mad at myself;-D

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