Weekend !!

Weekend was really good.
Saturday, had been to Skin doctor, as I had got some sun burn on my skin and started getting pimples. I visited her and she immediately told me what have u done with your skin? Seriously I am the culprit as I did not followed her advise and went for a facial, not once but around thrice. So it has damaged my skin. Along with the facial, I did the mistake of coloring the hair as that hair stylist told me that coloring will look good on you. It looked very good on me and many people complimented for my new look, but at the same time, my hair started falling too fast and became very dry. This time, I did not wanted to take any chance and visited my regular skin specialist. Thank God, my skin had not damaged much. She has changed all my creams and has given new creams. Hopefully, before my sister marriage, my skin will get better.
After the visit to the Doctor, we went for shopping for saree for my sister marriage. I had thought of buying two sarees, one silk saree and one fancy saree. I went to Gandhi market near Sion and can you guess in how much time I selected the saree? I selected the saree in just 15 mins. Can anyone beat this? The sarees were too good, but I bought two fancy sarees as I could not get good Silk Sarees there. I think no one can beat Karnataka and Tamilnadu in Silk Sarees, especially in Bangalore and Chennai. They are the best. I liked the way that salesman did the sales. I think he knew the mentality of women. Can you guess, what did he told to sell this saree. He just told me that “Madam, how much ever the women is fat, if the lady wear this saree, she looks very slim and beautiful”. He even showed the photograph of the saree, worn by the model. Don’t you think he is smart? Anyway, I liked the saree very much and bought it.
Then we came back home and was planning to go for a movie – “Avatar”. Tried to book the tickets, but all the tickets were sold out and even tried for Sunday, but we could not get it. The only show which was available was 10.45PM show on Saturday. So we booked the ticket for that show and watched that movie. It was pretty good movie with 3D effect. By the time, we came home it was around 2AM.
Sunday was a lazy day, just had food and took rest whole day.
Overall, had a good weekend. What about yours !!
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2 Responses to Weekend !!

  1. Swaram says:

    Oh wow! Thatz a nice all-in-one weekend ;)That salesman is really really smart 🙂 He sure knows the tricks of his trade :PGlad u hd a nice time and take care of ur skin n hair .. am sure u will be glowing @ the wedding :)Y no pic of the sarees 😛 😛

  2. Thanks Swar, for your wishes..I thought of taking a snap last night, but could not take time, may be this thursday will take a pic and definetely post it..

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