Kind Gesture !!

Last evening, I had a chat with my sister in law (PK’s elder sister) and the conversation went on like this
She:- Have you done with shopping for your sister’s marriage?
Me:- Ya its done. Just I need to give the blouse for stitching
She:- So what jewels are you going to wear for the marriage, as all of your jewels were robbed.
Me:- Oh ya.. I totally forgot. Anyway, it does not make difference. I will wear fancy jewels and anyway, everyone is crazy about 1gm gold jewels. I have got that and I will wear that.
She:- No, don’t wear that. Once you land in Bangalore, just give me a call and we will meet in the mid way. I will give you my jewels, you can wear that.
I felt so happy that she cared for me so much. Anyway, I do not take jewels from anyone, but still she had thought about all these things and had a courtesy to ask me.
Me:- No, its ok. I can manage. Moreover, it will be complications, as my relatives will go to the extension of asking where did you bought how it is, etc etc.
She:- You just tell them that you bought it and I will give you the exact weight and amount of the jewels. So if they ask, you can tell them. They will never have a single doubt on that. But don’t feel shy to get the jewels. I am like your sister and you have got all the rights to ask what you want from me. Ok
Seriously, I just love you M” for your kind gesture. I am not telling you because you are giving me jewels, but seriously you thought about all these things, even when I had not thought about the jewels. So kind of you. I am so lucky to have a friend like you. Thank you so much.
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3 Responses to Kind Gesture !!

  1. Swaram says:

    Ohhh this is one of the sweetest posts I hv read in sometime … love n warmth oozing out. Lucky to hv such a SIL and God bless u both dear, bcoz it also goes to show what a lovely person u r :)May ur bond always grow stronger :)As u said, its nt abt the jewels but her thoughts 🙂

  2. Ya you are right.. She so sweetly thought about me.. So seriously i am very lucky..

  3. Rajlakshmi says:

    lucky you… to be loved and pampered… that was indeed very sweet… very feel good post 🙂

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