Brainy Stuff !!

Last Friday, when I was getting into the Auto, got hurt on my head, precisely middle of the head. It was hurting too much. After some time, the pain came down. So as soon as I came to office, I called PK and the conversation went on like this.

Me: Hi, have u reached office?

PK: Yes, what about you?

Me: Yes reached. First tell me, where the brain is situated in our head, is it in the backside or is it in the upside.

PK: What..

Me: Ya.. tell me the answer.

PK: What stupid question are you asking.. don’t u know where is the brain situated..

Me: I know, but wanted to confirm.

PK: It is covered all over the head..But why are you asking this?

Me: But where is the delicate area, is it in the backside or upside.

PK: Backside.. But why?

Me: Wow.. That’s great. Then I am not going to die soon. I am going to live. Yahoooo..

PK: What.. you have just gone mad.. tell me exactly what happened?

Me: I just got hurt while getting into the auto, right middle of the head. So its hurting too much. So was just worried about the brain. I have seen so many movies, where heroine or hero gets hurt on their head and then after sometime, they come to know that they have got some tumour. Then they will try to avoid everyone and act weirdly. So I was just worried to go through that phase.

PK (laughing loudly): Oh sad. But why are you worried about all those things. Tumour, blockage, everything happens to the people who have brains. So you need not worry about that ok..


I feel sometimes, my brain works weirdly. That is the time, I ask some foolish questions to PK and he gets an opportunity to pull my legs.

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4 Responses to Brainy Stuff !!

  1. Swaram says:

    Sheesh! I ask qs like these @ times too and end up getting the same reply ;)I keep asking is there a problem with my heart, my hands etc.. to hear a standard answer, problem is up there inside ur head 😛 :PBtw, hope u r feeling better nw 🙂

  2. Seriously.. I too ask the questions like this..thanks Swaram.. I am perfectly alright now..

  3. Reflections says:

    LOL…u practically asked him to make fun of u;-D.Hope u r ok now!!!!

  4. Kavya says:

    Nancy:- I always do that.. I have done so many foolish things which i cant put it here :). Now it is common in our house and if at all i dont ask any foolish things on that day, PK will ask me whether I am ok 🙂

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