My Sister !!

My sister is getting married, next month and I am very happy for her. Finally, she is getting married and not only me, but each and every person in our family are happy.

I always wonder, are we seriously bonded together well as other sisters do? I am 100% sure that we are not bonded so well.

The only reason what I can say is we were not brought up together from the childhood. She was taken away by my grandmother when she was 4 days kid, as my granny thought that my mom is not capable enough to take care of my sister. Till date I am not able to forgive my granny for that. She didn’t thought a single time about my mom and what will be her reaction when she wakes up and look for her kid. Anyway, past is past and till the death, my mom suffered because of her. I will never ever forgive my granny.

I was also taken away, but by god’s grace, I was brought back and stayed with my parents. My sister stayed with my granny and uncle (dad’s younger brother) and hence there was no contact with my sister and myself. We used to meet in some functions and just a hi and we used to end the conversation. But whenever I used to see my friends with their sisters, I always felt bad. I always wanted a brother instead, because I used to see my friends fighting with their brother and next moment they will be so close and always the brothers were very supportive and always guarding their sister. I always yearned for a brother. I used to ask my mom that I want a brother, pl get me a brother and upon hearing that, my mom used to cry as she had lost her first kid which was a boy. Upon seeing her crying, I stopped asking her for the brother, but I always felt bad for not having a brother. I tried getting close to my sister, but the other side attempt was poor and hence could not succeed.

After my 10th exam, I joined the vocational course for two years and immediately after completing the course, I got a job. Then the communication with my sister had started, because, after joining the job, I had got the confidence to talk to anyone. I initiated the communication with my sister and slowly it started. But till now, we are not so close to share each and everything with each other. But compared to past, its better now. Some things, I can share with her and she also shares with me. But, somehow, at the end we will be short of words and the communication ends there. I think I should start communicating more and more. But I also feel that she should also be interested to grow bondage between us. I need to always initiate the conversation. She just answers whatever I ask her. But its neither her fault nor my fault. We are grown up like this. Hopefully, after marriage atleast, she should start communicate with me, more often. Moreover, I always wanted to tell her that I just love her a lot and she can rely upon me for whatever help she needs in her life. But somehow I could not say this to her.

Anyway, I don’t have any complaints on her. I just want her to be happy in whatever she does. I just pray to the god that she should have a very happy married life. Hopefully, we will be able bond each other well.

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12 Responses to My Sister !!

  1. Shanu says:

    Read all of your posts at one go..u really are a very strong girl..and yes you are right..this is your blog and you can write what you want, how you want..I have seen a gr8 improvement in the way you write..the improvmnt from your first post to this one is remarkable..keep it up!

  2. Swaram says:

    Hugs Kavya 🙂 I salute u for the attempt u hv been making .. its nt easy to move past ur ego and initiate things everytime. God bless u dear and I hope there will be a day soon and u will both be as close as any other siblings 🙂 Am sure u will never feel u hd to hv a brother to be close …u will enjoy hvng a sister too!My best wishes and prayers with both of u :)Hugs and luv u 🙂 U r a very warm person!

  3. Vinoo John says:

    I was really touched by your post!..Keep writing!

  4. Trish says:

    Aww Kavya,Hugs.And you are a very brave girl.I have tried to mend bridges with cousins,who meant a lot to me..and I know,how much effort it takes and i know how much it hurts when the other side doesnt respond!I hope and pray that you sisters get together.:)

  5. Reflections says:

    I was touched by this post Kavya[tht is ur name, right. Swaram mentioned it above]. Anyways I cant keep calling u NEM for the rest of our lives;-D.I hope u get the chance to spend a few days with her so that u get the time to bond. And if u ever get the chance show it to her, she'll understand so much without u having to tell her:-).

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  7. Haritha says:

    Kavya, read ur post. It was heart-touching indeed…I wish that very soon ur sis gets to know hw much yu luv her..@Swaram, thx to yu coz I got to know abt Kavya’s blog thru urs 🙂 am very happy ki am able to get in touch wid wonderful people like yu n Swaram 🙂 Will try to cover alllll ur posts ASAP….Hugs — Haritha

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