Conversation !!

Scene 1 – Office Gym

Me: Look at that guy, he is so cute..
A:- Hey ya.. he is very handsome.. look at his eyes, its cute
Me: He has got a damn good muscles ya..
A:- true..

Scene 2 – Office Cafetaria

A:- Hey look at the guy whom we saw in the gym. He looks cuter than morning.
Me:- hmmm.. But somehow he is not so handsome now.. I don’t feel so..
A:- Why.. hey look at his eyes.. he is too cute ya..
Me: Ya.. But I think he looks very cute when he takes off his shirt..

We just burst out laughing..

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10 Responses to Conversation !!

  1. Swaram says:

    LOL .. no pics 😉 😉

  2. Swaram says:

    Hey! I hv nt read 3 posts here? Surprised that I did nt c any updates on the reader 😛 😛

  3. Put his fotu 😛 :DCheersPreeti

  4. lolz..p.s was just passing by

  5. @ Swaram:- Oh is it.. Seriously I was wondering why there was no comment from you :-). Thanks.I can see that you have read all the post in one stretch.. Thats seriously very nice of you. The comments which you have left in some post, got tears in my eyes.. Hugs swar.. Thanks for being with me..

  6. @Preethi:- Could not take photo, as photography is banned in our office.. Very cruel people..:-)

  7. @Committed to life:- Thanks for dropping in..

  8. Dhanya says:

    Lol! No pics huh ?? I second Swaram! 😀

  9. I know Dhanya.. I also wanted to take his photu.. lets see, will plan to break the rules of the office 🙂

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