True Story !!

This is the story of one of my friend, whom I met in mumbai. Let us call her as Anjali and her husband as Sanjay.

Anjali struggled a lot in her childhood as her father was useless fellow who didn’t spent a single penny on his childrens and I think he thought that he did a great job by giving birth to these childrens. Anjali and her brother were twins and her mother single handed brought them up by teaching the school childrens. Anjali completed her graduation and her twin brother did his engineering and joined a very good Company. Anjali got into a job and everything seems good, except her father. He used to drink daily. He always used foul languages to his children and every day, there was some or the other fights at home. Anyway, they had got used to this.

Anjali had dreams about marriage and she had imagined a smart and handsome boy with good financial position and good by heart. She was occupied with job and hand handful of good friends and enjoying life.

One day, Sanjay came to her office to meet the Company Head to discuss some business opportunities. Since, she was assisting the Company Head, he got in touch with her and slowly he started the communication with her. Sometimes, he used to wait outside her office, to just take a glance of her. He used to do lots of things to impress Anjali. But Anjali somehow did not felt any feelings towards him and hence ignored him. But he didn’t stopped. He just started pestering her. He even took her to very famous temple in Mumbai, and in front of Lord Ganesha told her that he just loves her very much and will take care of her as princess till death and can do anything for her.

Since, Anjali was a devotee of Lord Ganesha, she thought that he is genuine person and accepted his proposal (WTH!! Seriously). Then he approached Anjali’s parents and unfortunately, they also agreed for this marriage. Then he told his parents, but they didn’t agree for the marriage. But he told that he is firm about this decision and hence whether they agree or not, he is going to get married with her. Finally marriage got fixed. The day earlier the marriage, even the aunt of Anjali who looks into the horoscope and into astrology told her mom that this marriage is not going to work out and just check it whether you can call off the marriage. Since, everything got fixed and they felt that there is no sense of cancelling the marriage; they just proceeded with the marriage. Finally they got married.

In the marriage, there was not even single person from Sanjay’s side, not even his friends. The whole hall was filled up with Anjali’s relatives and friends. When she checked up, he told that he had invited everyone, but I think they might be busy, that’s why they have not landed. Anyway, everything went on well and they went to honeymoon. After 3 months, Anjali got pregnant.

Now, before I tell you the rest of the story, just wanted to check the following:-

1. Would you still go for the marriage with the person when not even single people from the family or friends attend the marriage? Don’t you feel something fishy in that?

2. Would you marry a person, because he promised you in front of the god to take care of you, even when you are not in love with that person?

3. I know this astrology, horoscope depends on the individual interest, do you still go for the marriage when you hear that this marriage is not going to work out?

4. When your inner feelings also say that something is wrong, do you still continue to get married with the person, because all the arrangements has been made and all the relatives have landed and you do not want to lose respect in front of the relatives?

All the above questions are just running through my mind. I seriously don’t know what I would have done? When she told me the story, I was totally shocked.

To be continued…
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2 Responses to True Story !!

  1. Swaram says:

    Sigh! This is painful … I so hope she is dng ok nw Kavya ..I am scared to read the 2nd part.Ur qs:1. I am nt really sure abt relatives .. they might all be against; but the reason that they r all busy is bull-sh**. Can't be that there is nt even a single friend who is gonna b there.2. Ofcourse not!3. I don't believe as much in astrology and may be this cud nt hv affected my decision much.4. I wud trust my feelings much before even saying yes and hvng the relatives @ home.

  2. @ Swaram:- you are absolutely right. I really wonder what made her to accept this proposal when there were so many obstacles and forget about the obstacles, she didnt had any feelings at all for this person..Actually, she was initially in bad state, now she is bit ok.. will let you know in my second post.. I think i need to put atleast around 4-5 posts to complete the story because there is so many things involved 😦

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