Cooking !!

On Monday evening, my Director – R&D called me and told me that I need to do some trial on some products. We are introducing one food product in the market and I need to use that product and try some recipe (I can’t reveal the food product as well as recipe.. Trade secret you see 🙂

First I was very thrilled as he told me this, but next moment I was just trying to analyze, why he might have called me to do the trial:-

1. Does he want to check my cooking skills? But why he has to know my cooking skill?

2. Does he want to make fun of me?

3. May be he is very confident about my cooking? Does he?

All other things came to my mind, but before I came to any conclusion, he himself told me the answer. Since we are introducing this product in South India and I am being a south Indian, he wants to take my feedback.

I felt good and immediately gave my acceptance.

Yesterday, I went to our R&D center. I was totally nervous, as I was cooking for the first time, in front of so many people. Secondly, I need to give them the procedure rather recipe, so that they can put the same on the rapper. So, you can imagine the cookery show in the television, where the guest cooks something and the procedures she just narrates along with the cooking. If it comes out well, then its gud, but what if it comes out a disastrous. I was just tensed.

Finally, I just thought that I am cooking at home and prepared two recipes using that product and yes, it came out really well. Ofcourse, both the recipes were really easy to make, but somehow I was not so comfortable in doing in front of so many people. But finally I did it and I was successful in that. Everyone appreciated the recipe. I just gave them some minor changes in the product and finally I was just out of R&D. I felt like I had won some National Award.

But in all these things, I observed lots of things and some are:-

1. I can do cooking without making mess of the kitchen as I do at home while cooking.

2. I can use as less vessels I can as against the many vessels I use while cooking.

3. I can do cooking really very fast.

4. I can do cooking in front of many people and need not feel tensed

5. I can do cooking to as many people I can, as against I always thought that I can’t do cooking for more than two people

Anyway, after this, I have got lots of confidence on my cooking and I am thinking to try new recipes. PK, just be ready to take the trial 🙂
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2 Responses to Cooking !!

  1. Swaram says:

    Thatz awesome Kavya .. its such a nice experience and what fun :DSo nw u know, its all in the mind :)This did serve as an eye-opener rt :)Gud luck and try out all new recipes and master them before we meet 😉 😉

  2. Kavya says:

    Ya sure Swaram.. I felt very nice after doing the trial and i learnt so many things..

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