Short Break !!

Tomorrow we are driving down to Bangalore for my sister’s marriage. I am very excited as we are going on long drive after long time and it’s my sister’s marriage. But on the other hand, I am feeling very sad, as my in-laws are also leaving with us. So I am not sure when they will be back here again?

I just don’t know how 3 months went off. I just enjoyed each and every moment with them. They both care about me so much. I just felt like I am with my parents. I just miss so many things. As soon as I get up, I miss the tender coconut which my FIL used to give me. Small funny arguments with my FIL and he used to iron my clothes himself. By the time I get ready, hot and yummy breakfast by my MIL, wow, so nice. Lunch box would have been packed along with the salads. The evening happy face, the moment I come back from office, wow that is priceless. They used to get so relieved once I am at home. Slight delay in coming, they were getting worried and immediately they used to call me to check whether I am ok. I used to narrate whole day things to them and so patiently they listened to me. Weekends, it was just fun. We used to play so many games with them. I think each and everything with them was fun.

More than all these, I just miss their love and care. My MIL just took care of the tiniest things about me. Whether it is my favourite dish or cloth, everything. She just treats me as her daughter. Whenever she buys something to her daughter, she makes sure that she buys same thing to me also. She never differentiated me with her daughter.

I just don’t have words to explain their love and care. I am just going to terribly miss them. Anyway, all these things are part of life.

I am taking short break from the blogging world and will be back shortly. You all please take care of yourself and have fun.

PS: I just wrote this in hurry, as I didn’t had time to check it. Since, I am on leave for a week, need to clear so many things at office. Excuse if any mistake.
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2 Responses to Short Break !!

  1. Trish says:

    Awww soo sweet Kavya!!God bless you and God bless your in-laws.You are indeed very lucky.Enjoy your sister's wedding.

  2. Swaram says:

    U r one of the very very lucky ppl Kavya 🙂 And u totally deserve it too for the sweet person that u r :)Long drive and for such a wonderful occasion too .. awesome :)Happy Journey! Hv fun and God bless u all :)Pls pass on my best wishes to the married couple 🙂

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