I am Back !!

I came back to Mumbai this morning flight.

I just can’t express in words, how much I enjoyed the marriage. Each and every ritual was fun and I just enjoyed fully. After long time, I spent so much time with my cousins and sister. It was really awesome. We both enjoyed this trip. I could see the happiness in everyone’s face when we landed there. I seriously cherish those moments. Seriously these functions are fun. I felt very sad to come back to Mumbai.

Since, I had a very simple marriage, as I am not so comfortable in the grand marriage by spending so much money. So I and PK had decided that we will be having a really very simple marriage and we convinced everyone about this. So most of our distant relatives had not seen PK and hence this marriage was a merely introduction session for PK. The whole function went on in introducing PK to everyone. However, he enjoyed this session and everyone was happy about us. I think that is the ultimate thing.

What can I say about my BIL (sister’s husband). He is too good, very friendly and very cool. My sis is very lucky to get him. He and PK became friends very early. We are very happy for my sister as she has got a perfect match. BIL’s family is also very good. We had a great time with them. I just pray to the god that they both should get all the happiness and lead a very happy married life.

Will write a detailed post about this marriage later.
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4 Responses to I am Back !!

  1. Trish says:

    Heyy Welcome back!Glad everything went off well..and you guys had fun!Congratulations to your sis and BIL.

  2. Swaram says:

    Oh wow! Thatz really nice :)Its so nice when the husbands bond together 🙂 May u hv many more such wonderful moments Kavya :)Congrats to all of u and God bless!

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