True Story – Part 2

Continued from here.

Anjali got pregnant and both Sanjay and Anjali were happy about this. Anjali had some complications during delivery and Sanjay was always with her and supported her. Finally they had a cute baby girl. Anjali had resigned her job and now full time mom to her angel. Sanjay was working and he used to leave home in the morning and come back in the evening. Everything was normal. But one thing Anjali was worried is Sanjay was frequently changing the jobs. He was not at all sticking to a job for more than a year. He just cited the reason that he is not satisfied with his job. So Anjali did not scratch her head so much about this.

But after sometime, Anjali could find some differences in Sanjay. He used to talk late night on the mobile that too outside the house. Whenever she checked up, he used to say that some official call. So she believed that. One day, he told that his office collegues have planned for day outing and he will be going. He also frequently visited his native place, saying her that there is some ancestral property is there and he is going there to sell that property. She believed everything.

In the meanwhile, fortunately, Sanjay had given his mail password to Anjali, as he was looking out for a job and hence, since he will be out of station most of the time and don’t have access to mails, he had told her to check the mails, to find out any job opportunities is available.

One day, when Anjali was checking his mails, she set her eye on one particular mail from Reena, where the subject said Hi honey. She opened the mail and the mail said that Reena had a very good time last Sunday and she enjoyed the company of Sanjay and she looks forward for some more outing. Anjali was shocked as that Sunday Sanjay had told her that he will be going with Collegues for Team outing. So she replied back to that mail and said that she is his wife and asked her to explain the things. Immediately Reena replied back saying that don’t joke now. You and married. You are single I know. Then Anjali replied saying that I am very serious and this is my contact number. Then Reena called up the number and Anjali finally came to know that Sanjay is having an affair with Reena from past 6 months and they frequently go out. Reena was equally shocked about this and she told Anjali that she can even show the proof of going out on last Sunday. They had gone for a Hindi movie and they had lunch outside. Anjali didn’t know what she has to do now?

Once Sanjay came home, she questioned him and as usual, he told her that everything is just a lie. He does not know any Reena. Anjali took him in front of the god and told him to promise on their daughter that whatever he is telling is true. Sanjay promised on God and daughter and told that he is telling the truth. She got convinced and thought that Reena is a lier and just forgot that episode.

Now, what do you think, Did Anjali do the right thing or not? If not, what she was supposed to do?

To be continued..
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6 Responses to True Story – Part 2

  1. Swaram says:

    This is really sad 😦 Sometimes, love does make us blind and we trust what they say. Difficult to be practical, but we ought to be so 😦

  2. Kavya says:

    Ya u r right Swaram.. We can tell so many things that you should have done like this, like that. But when it comes to us, i think we also would have done the same thing. Just believe them. thats it.. Love is blind.

  3. sakhi says:

    this is not fair to us readers kavya… u will have to complete this story real soon.And yes, love is blind… deaf and dumb too!! Sigh!

  4. Kavya says:

    I know Sakhi, but what shall i do, it has got so many details, which has to be covered in order to complete the story.Anyway, will definetely try to complete this story soon.

  5. Trishna says:

    Oh no..dont like the waythis story is going..write the next partsoon,Kavya..

  6. Kavya says:

    Ya, i am on that job..Next part will be coming soon..

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