True Story – Part 3

Continued from Part 1 and Part 2

Everything became normal after that. When the kid was around 2 years, Anjali applied for a job as she does not want to sit at home. She immediately got a job in a good Company. Only drawback was the house was far from the work place. But still she took up the job. Sanjay used to drop her half the way and from there she took a bus, went to her mom’s place, drop the kid and then proceed to office. Evening Sanjay used to come to Anjali’s mom place, have dinner there and come back home. Though it was difficult for Anjali to commute like this, still she was able to manage and got used to it.

Sanjay birthday was there and Anjali gifted him a second hand car worth of around 2-3 lakhs, by putting all her savings on the down payment and took the loan for balance amount. Sanjay was very happy about this and he just showered lots of love on Anjali. Sanjay office was nearby to their house. Since, now car was there, Sanjay dropped Anjali to her office everyday and come back home, get ready and used to go to office. So Anjali was relieved now as she need not worry about commuting.

After some time, Sanjay started dropping her half the way citing the reason that he has got some meetings and he has to be there in office early. Anjali understood and told him that she will manage from the half way. But after around 1-2 weeks, he was not ready to drop her half way also and told her to manage herself, as he is totally busy with no time to all these things. Anjali got hurt. The office place was too far. She has to carry two year kid and get into the rush bus get down half the way and catch another crowded bus and get down at the bus stop, walk down to mom’s place, drop the kid there and then catch an auto from there to office. It was seriously hectic job. Apart from this, she has to get up at 4.30 or 5, prepare food for Sanjay, pack his box and hers and has to leave to office. It was impossible for her to manage. She requested him to drop atleast half the way, but he was not at all agreed to this. So somehow she just managed to do all these things for some time.

But slowly she got a doubt on Sanjay because of his behavior. He came home late, always on the mobile and while sleeping, he used to hide his mobile below the pillow and sleep on it. All these made her to suspect Sanjay. One night, she just acted sleeping and once she got confirmed that Sanjay is fast asleep, she slowly removed Sanjay’s mobile and checked the calls. There was one particular number where he had spoken for hours. She noted down that number. Next she checked up the SMS and she was shocked. All the mushy and love messages were sent to the same number. Her doubt was correct. She just placed the mobile back in that place. She could not sleep whole night. She didn’t know what has to be done next. If at all she questions him, he is going to answer the same thing that he does not know anything. So she has to do something, wherein the exact truth will come out.

Next day morning, she decided to keep an eye on Sanjay and left house on the regular time, dropped the kid at mom’s place and came to office, but left office in the afternoon itself and came back home. She enquired with the Security person, whether anyone visited her house in past. Initially Security was hesitating to answer, but later when demanded, he told that around twice or thrice Sanjay had come home in the afternoon with a girl and after around 2-3 hours they left the house. She was shocked. Then she went to home and she could see that it was locked from inside. She went upstairs and called Sanjay from there. Just casual talks and asked him where is he? He told that he is in office. Then she told that I am just on the way to home, as I am not feeling well. He immediately told her that oh is it, ok fine; I have to run for a meeting and just disconnected the call. Then Anjali could see Sanjay immediately coming out of the house, locked the house and just fled away in the car. She was totally shocked.

She didn’t know what has to be done as she was totally shattered. Next she went back to her mom’s place, picked her kid and came back home. She just pretended to be normal with Sanjay. Sanjay was also so normal without a hint of any guilty feeling or nothing. In the night Anjali decided to go into details about this affair. She called up her friend and told her everything and asked her to help. Her friend immediately made a plan and told her the whole plan. Next day, Anjali left home as usual dropped the kid at mom’s place and came back and met her friend cousin who had come in a car. He also had a camera with him. Then they left home and waited in the car for Sanjay to come out of the house. After sometime, Sanjay came out in the car and headed further. Anjali followed him. After sometime, Sanjay halted at an apartment and waited there for someone. Then one girl came in jeans and t shirt. They both hugged each other and then they got into the car. Then both went to her office. She went inside the office and Sanjay waited outside for her to come back. Then after around half an hour, she came back and they went for a drive. Anjali and friend’s cousin followed them, but in between Sanjay stopped and could sense that someone is following them. So Anjali got alert and immediately they fled away.

So now Anjali was sure that Sanjay has got an affair. When she came back home, she was totally exhausted and fully shattered. Her mind was blank. Then her old house owner just dropped into her house. Looking at her, she could sense that something is wrong. Upon checking Anjali told her everything whatever happened and started crying. To Anjali’s horror, that owner lady revealed some horror things about Sanjay, which she could not believe at all.

To be continued..

P.S. I will make sure that I will complete this story in the next post. There are so many details about this story that I can’t just miss out a single thing, otherwise, the story can’t be completed. More than that, I am very poor in story telling as I don’t know how to just tell the story in brief. I always go into the details of the story, only then, I will be satisfied about the story. So pl bear with me for one more post. Hopefully, I will be able to complete the story in the next post.

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2 Responses to True Story – Part 3

  1. Swaram says:

    Sigh! I am happy though that she is taking some action though! Just tell me if she fine now 😦 If this wud be fiction, it ws really gripping, but since its a true story, its really sad n scary n I hope she is free from him nw!

  2. trish says:

    ohhh the sick man/!!i m glad she is fine and free of him now.

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