Jerk in the Flight !!

Overheard this conversation in the Airport last weekend.

Two elderly women’s were talking to each other about their flight experience

Women 1:- Is this the first time you are travelling by flight?

Women 2:- No, this is the second time I am travelling. Last time I travelled one way by flight and return I came by train. What about you?

Women 1:- This is the third time I am travelling.

Women 2:– ok. It will be a bit scary to travel by flight right

Women 1:- No, it is not. While taking off, you will not feel anything, only when it lands, you will get a jerk. Anyway, since you have travelled only once, you might have not experienced that jerk.

I could not control my laughter and just walked away.
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6 Responses to Jerk in the Flight !!

  1. Swaram says:

    lol 😛 So, did u feel the jerk 😉

  2. Kavya says:

    yes, i felt the jerk, because i have travelled in the flight twice 🙂

  3. I'm Nu says:

    hahaha !! ROFL !!

  4. rohini says:

    lollllzzzzzzzz…..first time on ur blog liked the flavour….do find time to visit my space…tc

  5. Kavya says:

    @ Rohini – Thanks for dropping by.. Will definetely visit your place..

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